Triple H On Who WWE's Biggest Competitor Is, If NJPW Is Forcing Them To Evolve

Triple H appeared on CBS Sports' In This Corner Podcast this week to promote NXT Takeover: Brooklyn this Saturday. Below are a couple of highlights:

Which competitor WWE needs to pay the most attention to:

"When you say, 'What's the No. 2 promotion?' and 'WWE doesn't have a promotion knocking on its door and pushing them,' Raw and SmackDown do. Raw and SmackDown have a promotion right on their tail pushing them to do more. That promotion is going to run a show on Saturday night at the Barclays Center, and it's called NXT.

"[NXT] is going to set a bar, and the main roster is going to have to step up to that bar. And trust me, those are all people that are coming from NXT, and now the kids here are pushing them to do the same thing that they pushed the people in front of them to do."

If the success of NJPW is forcing them to make any adjustments:

"I don't think anyone forces anyone to make adjustments, I think it's just that the world changes. What people will accept changes? What people will like changes?

"People's styles that I bring in, I'm not trying to change these performers, I'm trying to give them a platform and then take them on that platform and make the biggest, global star you can make. Whether that goes on to NXT and then on to SmackDown or Raw, whatever that is. A lot of these kids, I want them to be headlining WrestleMania."

Triple H also discussed Seth Rollins reaction to the first NXT Takeover: Brooklyn, signing Aleister Black and Kyle O'Reilly and more. You can read more from the interview at CBS Sports by clicking here.

Source: CBS Sports


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