– Above is video of former WWE Champion Psycho Sid Vicious in action at a recent indie event, courtesy of Hannibal TV. Sid wrestled Paul Rosenberg at the Great North Wrestling event in Ontario on August 5th. Sid last wrestled for a major promotion in 2001, WCW, but he made appearances for WWE on the June 25, 2012 RAW with a win over Heath Slater and then the RAW 1000 episode on July 23rd of that year.

– WWE has announced that The Undertakers Graveyard display will be at the MCM London Comic Con on October 27th, 28th and 29th. The interactive experience gives fans a chance to reenact part of Taker’s entrance, rising from the casket, and receive a personalized, sharable video of their own performance. There will also be WWE merchandise for sale, WWE 2K18 on display and a WWE Network Screening area. Full details can be found at this link.

– As seen below, new WWE NXT Champion Drew McIntyre had a special moment with Sheamus and Fit Finlay backstage at the Barclays Center after “Takeover: Brooklyn III” went off the air on Saturday. Sheamus tweeted the following: