WWE Catches Up With Former Tag Team Champion, Kalisto - SuperCard Confessional, Roman Reigns Wish

- As seen above, Kalisto is featured in the latest WWE SuperCard Season 3 Confessional promo.

- The WWE website recently spoke with former WWE Tag Team Champion Vladimir Kozlov about his role in the new "Wolf Warrior II" movie. Kozlov runs his own production company and has had several minor film roles over the past few years but he says he's still looking for an agent. He commented on how he continues to land roles without an agent in this excerpt from the interview:

How do you get cast in these movies without an agent?

I got all my movies based on luck; was in the right time in the right place. And the company 87Eleven introduced me to movie action world. Everything started from "John Wick 2." All the stunts and directors were from 87Eleven, and JJ Perry and Sam Hangrave chose me for those movies.

And they hired you from seeing your previous work?

Yes. I sent them training video, photo, interview and a sizzle reel. There was worldwide recognition on the basis of WWE. Good performance onstage, professional handling of weapons. I was a WWE champion and a sambo world champion. Size and look. Unusual style of male combat, and fast style for a big man. Experience and background, [and] desire to learn and move forward. They said I have potential, and they are helping me to develop my potential.

- As seen below, Roman Reigns granted another wish for Make-A-Wish before Monday's RAW at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Here he is with Wish Kid Adam:


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