WWE Cruiserweight Unleashes On Former NXT Enhancement Wrestler

Mustafa Ali ripped on Mr. 450, a/k/a The Mecha Wolf, on Friday from his verified Twitter account. Mr. 450 worked several NXT matches in 2015 and 2016 as "Jesus De Leon" and "Jesus Yurnet".

Ali accused Mr. 450 of stealing a move from him and then questioned him on a claim that he tried to get WWE to pay for an injury during their match. During a match on 205 Live last December, Mr. 450, billed as "John Yurnet," lost to Ali and said that he blew his knee out in the match.

Ali threatened to expose stories about 450 and referred to him as a mark. He said he usually takes the high road but that Mr. 450 has "done atrocious things" to people and needs to be called out.

As the night went on, Ali escalated his claims, included accusing the former two-time WWC Universal Heavyweight Champion of allegedly "choking women, faking injures" and "backstabbing friends."

Below are all of Mustafa Ali's tweets directed at Mr. 450 in text format and then straight from Twitter:

Gonna start doing a move again I did back in like '08 because someone I think very low of straight up stole it. I hope it drives him insane.

For me to think low of you, literally you have to be the worst.

The irony of this dude calling me a coward. Okay Jon Snow wolf pirate guy, stop doing my move. I dislike you.

Taken from his own YouTube channel. Yo @MechaWolf450, what you end up naming it? The "lying lumbar kick"? But isn't that me giving you..

To Mr. 450's Twitter account: Hi. I responded. Enjoy climbing out of the hole.

Hey @MechaWolf450 this fan has a question for you. Can you please answer it? I'm not involved whatsoever. Just passing along a question. (in response to a fan that wetted, "Wasn't this the guy who tried to get WWE to pay for an injury he had previously by lying about it?")

No response from @MechaWolf450 ...hmm. Well I'll just be petty and RT everything during the day so he can be reminded of what I think of him

Maybe I'll expose @MechaWolf450 w/ some stories about the wonderful things he's done to other human beings! Winter is coming, ya mark.

Hey Jon Snow, I mean @MechaWolf450 ..i mean dude who does a really bad 450 (more like a 425), you want me to keep going fam?

I always try to take the high road. But this guy (@MechaWolf450) has repeatedly done atrocious things to people and needed to be called out.

To Cedric Alexander and Mr. 450 on Twitter: You should wrestle him sometime. Hear he's the type of guy to break a leg out there.

Hey @MechaWolf450 when you're done "allegedly" choking women, faking injuries & backstabbing friends, read my timeline. Left ya love notes.

To those who follow me for the positivity I try to promote, I apoligize for expressing some negativity. However, this needed to be done.

Going to end it w/ this. I'm not upset that someone did a move I do. I'm upset that someone I absolutely dislike did it. It was insulting.


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