WWE NXT Results (8/2): Kyle O'Reilly Vs Black, Gargano In Singles Action, Itami Wants Respect, More

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Tonight's episode features the in-ring returns of Aleister Black and Johnny Gargano. We'll also get to hear Bobby Roode's rebuttal to Drew McIntyre. Check out this week's "NXT Insider" above.

- Mauro Ranallo and the gang welcome us to the show and Johnny Gargano immediately makes his entrance. He hits the ramp to DIY's theme, but then kicks off his brand new theme to a nice pop.

Johnny Gargano vs. Raul Mendoza

This will be a showcase for both men it appears as they each go move for move and counter for counter with a ton of mat based wrestling. To change the pace, we go flying and some pin reversals finish off the stalemate. Roll-through kick finally gives Gargano the upper hand, but the crowd is enjoying the high quality work from both men. Gargano goes to work on the arm of Mendoza, but it's short lived. Mendoza gets the best of a rope exchange with a nice flying kick. Mendoza switches gears to some stiff strikes. Mendoza swings and misses on a cross body from the outside and goes right back after Gargano only to be met by Johnny's trademark spear through the ropes. Irish whip reversed by Gargano into a huge lariat. Mendoza on the comeback trail with an enziguri. Mendoza heads up top, goes for a 450, but Gargano catches his arm in mid-air and applies a submission. The chicken wing makes Mendoza tap after fighting briefly. Fun little match for both guys.

Winner via Submission: Johnny Gargano

- A look back at the battle of tag teams from last week between SAnitY and AOP. It is announced that Wolfe and Dain will take on Akam and Rezar for the NXT Tag Team Championships at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III. We go to a video of Paul Ellering saying they'll write another chapter of pain and that they'll be preparing in the meantime. Ellering lets SAnitY know that "monsters are real.

- NXT Women's Champion Asuka comes out in formal attire to address the crowd and Ember Moon's comments. She says she's beaten Ember Moon before, and will beat her again. Asuka says Ember isn't ready for her. Moon's music hits and they appear to be having a pow-wow shortly. Moon says since her injury, she's been fighting her hardest to get back where she belongs. Although Asuka may not think she's ready, she knows she is and the people knows she is. Moon says that deep down inside below all the arrogance, Asuka knows the truth. Asuka retreats to a handshake, but takes it away at the last second. Asuka then hits a slap to the face of Moon, who retaliates with a big forearm that knocks the champ down. Ember then heads up top and hits The Eclipse to send the champ reeling.

- Bobby Roode backstage prepping for an interview. The reporter asks Bobby about his actions after his win against Roderick Strong. Roode uses the lottery analogy again, but Strong didn't have the right numbers. Roode says Strong doesn't belong in his NXT. When asked about McIntyre's comments from last week, Roode says Drew commented that he's a new man. Roode gives us a scoop that the "new man" and Roode have a little sit down conversation next week on NXT. Roderick Strong crashes the ending of the interview and is held back by several superstars. Mr. Regal comes out and says this isn't the way to go about things and to remain professional. Roderick says he'll do anything to get Bobby Roode back in the ring, but Regal says his hands are tied and it will remain a singles match at Brooklyn.

- Vignette for the Street Profits, who debut next week.

Sonya Deville vs. Jenna Van Bemel

Van Bemel, apparently known as the "bionic beast," is the much larger opponent, but Deville has the quickness advantage. Deville toying with Van Bemel by ducking strikes with her hands behind her back. Van Bemel scoots under the ropes and drapes Deville over the top rope. She doesn't take kindly to it and proceeds to use a series of Muay Thai moves. Van Bemel blocks a corner attack with an elbow and tosses the smaller Deville away. Deville jumps up into an arm triangle out of nowhere and Van Bemel taps.

Winner via Submission: Sonya Deville

- Backstage with Kayla Braxton and Hideo Itami. The Japanese star says he didn't get respect from Ohno or others, so why show it to them? He heads to the ring and demands respect. Instead, he gets Aleister Black, whose match is up next. Itami still in the ring and we may just get an interesting standoff. Indeed we do, where Itami acts like he's leaving the ring, only to turn around be met by the Black Mass kick and knocks Itami out.

Aleister Black vs. Kyle O'Reilly

Nice ovation for the debuting veteran O'Reilly. Quick show of respect and then we head into a both men's strength, martial arts. Black with a front face lock, Kyle switches, and Black reverses into a triangle. They trade submissions until Black finally gets control of the arm. Snapmare take down from O'Reilly into a rear chin lock, but reversed quickly into a hammer lock by Black. Two big shots landed by O'Reilly, but Black sweeps the leg and takes a seat himself to admire his work. Black on top as we go to break.

We're back and Black is perched on the top rope. Comes up empty on the double stomp, but not with the follow up kick. O'Reilly lands a strike, but doesn't matter as Black flattens him once again. O'Reilly with a nice sequence of strikes and sweeps the leg himself. O'Reilly rakes the arm over his shoulder and a slam sets up a leg hold. Black using desperation stomps to get out of the submission. O'Reilly skips over the boots of Black to get side control. O'Reilly looks for an arm bar, but Black clasps his hands to prevent full extension. Body scissors locked in on Black, and he elbows his way out. It's a kickoff now and I don't mean of the football variety. O'Reilly working the back and kidneys of Black and we have a nice match brewing as we go to our last break.

Back from break and more of the same. Both guys throwing everything they have at each other. Beautiful snap suplex from Black and follows it up with diving knee to the shoulder of O'Reilly. Kyle now outside the ropes and catches Black's arm and wrenches it over the top rope. Top wrist lock applied by O'Reilly. Black back up to a vertical base, but O'Reilly maintains the hold. Big boot from Black puts him right back in it and follows it up with a bevy of strike. Rana from Black gets a long two count and the enigmatic star is feeling it. O'Reilly catches the Black Mass and turns it into an ankle lock momentarily. Axe kick and forearm by O'Reilly gets his first near fall of the night. Kyle looks for the suplex, but Black blocks. O'Reilly holds onto the front face lock. He lets go, and that was ultimately the big mistake. They each go strike for strike until Black hits the Black Mass out of nowhere for the win. Fantastic match.

Winner via Pinfall: Aleister Black

- Black celebrates by remaining focused in Indian style in the middle of the ring as we go off the air.


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