WWE NXT Results (8/23): TakeOver Brooklyn Fallout, UK Tag Main, Jose's Party Stopped, Iconic Win

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Tonight's episode will feature all the fallout from NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III as well as matches taped before the big event last Saturday. One of these matches highlights the UK talent in tag team action.

- Similar to how they did the intro video with Code Orange, we now get a recap of their live performance loaded with highlights from TakeOver.

- Mauro Ranallo welcomes us to the show and hypes tonight's card.

No Way Jose vs. Lars Sullivan

Jose makes makes his entrance and gets the party started. The conga line is brought out with plants in the crowd. Sullivan rushes the ramp to take out Jose. Crowd tries to rally Jose, but just gets slammed down by the behemoth.

Result: No Contest

- Recap of Johnny Gargano vs. Andrade "Cien" Almas. Personally thought it was a top 3-4 match of the weekend. Kayla Braxton catches up with Gargano. Johnny Wrestling says he owns his loss and makes no excuses. He knows a lot of people still believe in him, and will prove them and himself right. The Almas loss wasn't the end.

- Recap of Ember Moon vs. Asuka from TakeOver. Ranallo puts over that Asuka targeted Moon's previously injured left shoulder. Backstage footage from after the match with media. Short and sweet answers with no big news being revealed. They then announce her collarbone injury that could keep her out of action for 6-8 weeks.

- Christy St. Cloud backstage with Wolfgang and Pete Dunne. The guys are asked about the UK brand and how important it is to win this match. The Bruiserweight says the division is his. Wolfgang looks for a future title opportunity if they win tonight.

Peyton Royce (w/ Billie Kay) vs. Sarah Logan

Big pop for Royce and Kay. Logan with a nice response with her new country music and hillbilly attire to match her accent. The Iconic Duo are main roster ready, but this one should be a treat. Logan with a bit of technical power and Royce using her length to her advantage. Case in point with a spinning heel kick. The Aussie getting some chants throughout the NXT universe and works over the southern girl. Delayed suplex by Logan to create space with an impressive show of power. Chops reverberating in Barclays as Logan lays them in followed by a front drop kick. Kay attempts to provide some leverage from the outside, but Logan rolls her up for a near fall. Royce able to regain a base and hit her beautifully bridged fisherman's suplex for the victory. Fun little match.

Winner via Pinfall: Peyton Royce

- Recap of the NXT Tag Team Championship match where SAnitY captured the gold for the first time. That match exceeded all expectations I had for it.

- Full entrance and match highlights of McIntyre vs. Roode. The Scotsman was able to come away with the victory and the NXT Championship, effectively sending Roode to SmackDown, and McIntyre into a feud with Ring of Honor.

- Backstage footage with Roode refusing an interview and planning an exit strategy from the building. Roderick Strong blows him a kiss and says "see you soon." We're then shown Roode's debut on this past Tuesday's SD Live. Kayla Braxton interview him earlier today and asks if we'll see him in NXT again. He says he doesn't leave unfinished business, and promises to take care of Roddy before leaving.

- Recap of Itami vs. Black, in which the Black Mass did the job on a very game Itami. Black looked like a star, Itami needed the "rehab" match. "Reporters" try to catch up with Black as he left the building on Saturday, but he never acknowledges a single question.

Tyler Bate & Trent Seven vs. Wolfgang & Pete Dunne

Mustache Mountain reforms against the Bruiserweight and the bruising brawler. Crowd happy to see all four men. Bate and Dunne start us off to a big "UK" chant from the crowd. Mat-based wrestling as each man looks to get the upper hand. We're back and Bate immediately hits a standing drop kick with a ton of vertical. Quick tags made by the faces to keep the attack going. Tandem offense denied by the official allows Dunne to land a hay maker of a right hand to knock out Seven cold. Dunne tips him over for a cover and a near fall. Tag made to Wolfgang, who appears a bit trimmer than his time at the UK Tournament. Dunne changing pace as he focuses on joint manipulation and submissions. Wolfgang back in and executes a couple throws but not much on them. Seven able to reverse one into a suplex and makes the tag. Bate on fire as he catches Dunne in mid-air for a throw of his own. Bate uses his now trademark bounce back off the ropes into a big lariat that turns Dunne inside out. We're going for a trip on an airplane, and the destination is Brooklyn. Bate decides not to reverse it this time, but falls into the cover for a near fall. Tyler Driver 97 to Dunne, but Wolfgang had made the tag before the move. The big man hits a high angle senton for the surprise victory on the inaugural UK Champion.

Winners via Pinfall: Wolfgang & Pete Dunne

The victors celebrate their triumph as we go off the air.


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