WWE NXT Results (8/30): McIntyre/ROH Trio Saga, Strong Vs. Roode, Iconic Victory, Heavy Machinery

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Tonight's episode will feature new NXT Champion Drew McIntyre, who emerged victorious over Bobby Roode at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III. Will we see the former ROH trio of Cole, Fish, and O'Reilly try and attack the champ once again?

- We open up with a hectic scene in the back with security and SAnitY strewn about the area. Appears to be Cole, Fish, and O'Reilly exiting the scene.

- Drew McIntyre out for a promo with his new shiny hardware in tow. A half-hearted "you deserve it" chant rings out as McIntyre says this is his life. All the bumps in the road has led to this. He says it's one thing to win the title, but a whole other ballgame to hold onto it. McIntyre puts the ROH trio and all others in the locker room on notice by saying it's his world now. He places the title on the ground next to him and calls out anyone in the locker room to anyone who wants to fight. Roderick Strong comes out to a nice pop. Looks like they've updated the titantron graphics for everyone as a quick note. Strong congratulates McIntyre but says he's not concerned with Cole and company. Strong says all that matters right now is him, his family, and the NXT Championship. Strong faces Roode tonight. McIntyre says he loves that Strong stepped up and challenged him like a man, but hopes Strong is ready to be knocked out like a man.

- Footage from last week with Kayla Braxton and Bobby Roode, who talk about the situation with Roderick Strong. Roode says he'll get his rematch against McIntyre after he's done with Strong. Once he takes care of business, he'll then leave NXT for good and make SD Live GLORIOUS.

- We're shown info on Asuka's injured collarbone. She will be on next week's show to update us on her future, as we now know she relinquished the title and will head to the main roster.

Peyton Royce (w/ Billie Kay) vs. Ruby Riot

Riot lets her hair down for this match, which I think improves her look a bit. The Iconic Duo with the typical big reaction from Full Sail. Looks as if the lights will be lowered more than usual to block out some of the crowd, similar to the Mae Young Classic. Back and forth early on with a collar elbow tie up. Royce with a leg scissors across the neck of Riot. Ruby pops up, gets into a whip exchange, and gets the best of it with a blocked hip toss into an arm drag. Arm submission locked in, but Royce slowly gets up and lands a big forearm to create space. Royce using the ropes as a slingshot to gain an advantage and follows up with a big knee to the face of Ruby. Some disrespectful kicks and forearms from the Aussie, but leaves room for Riot to fight back. Royce slings Riot to the outside and is celebrating in the ring as we go to break.

We're back and Royce has a rear chin lock cinched in. Riot slips out, but Royce quickly back on the prowl. Riot with the babe face fire comeback. Three kicks and a drop kick. Riot catches Royce with her knees and drives her head into the turn buckle. Another shot and cover for a two. Riot heads up top, but Royce able to intercept. Royce joins her, but Ruby blocks the superplex. Billie Kay provides a distraction on the apron which allows the long legged Royce to hit a spin kick. Nice Driver by Royce but just a near fall. Riot picks up Royce for a power bomb, stacks her up, but another two. Kay pulls Royce out of harm's way, but just makes it worse for them both as Riot hits a dive on both women. Royce back in, but grabs the ring apron, which allows the official to pay attention elsewhere. Kay pulls Riot out of the ring, and hits "Shades of Kay" big boot, which preps Royce for the Fisherman's Suplex into a bridge. The bridged cover gets the win.

Winner via Pinfall: Peyton Royce

- Backstage with Christy St. Cloud and Mr. Regal. They briefly talk about the attacks earlier in the night before Kassius Ohno comes in. Ohno says he's feeling better and wants another shot at Itami. Regal agrees. Ohno wants to make it a No DQ match, and Mr. Regal obliges. That match happens next week.

- Vignette for Heavy Machinery, who are in action next.

Heavy Machinery vs. Camian Awield and Edwin Negran

Dozovic starts out with Jobber #1, who scales the ropes like the numbers on a scale for Dozovic. Dozovic able to slam him face first and makes the tag to the Knight Train. Knight takes a couple punches which allows Jobber #2 to make the tag. Their hope is shortlived after a double cross body take down from Knight. Tag made and they hit the sandwich. Tag made again and HM hits "The Compactor" tandem dive for the win.

Winners via Pinfall: Heavy Machinery

- Look back at Lars Sullivan's attack of No Way Jose. Based on the footage, Mr. Regal makes a 3-on-1 handicap match for next week. Lars has a sly smile and walks out without a complaint.

- Almas vs. Bononi and Ohno vs. Itami offically announced for next week as he head to our main event of the evening.

Roderick Strong vs. Bobby Roode

Resounding "thank you Bobby" chant rings out as the Full Sail crowd knows the glorious end is near. Roode calls Strong a failure and it will always be his NXT. Roode winds up for the GLORIOUS, but Strong shoves him down firmly in its final preparation. Back and forth we go and comedic heel Roode is in full effect. Roode reverses a back breaker. Strong with a handful of chops, catches Roode, and delivers an impressive back breaker, followed up by another unique back breaker. Crowd turning on Strong a bit as they're both on the ring apron. Roode gets the best of the exchange after a shove that sends Strong back-first into the ring post to the floor. Roode then sends Strong into the steel steps, but then catches a boot to the face on a follow up. Both men hurting a bit as we go to break.

We're back and Roode is in firm control. Corner clotheslines and submissions are on the menu as Roode slows down the pace. Roode finally gets the full GLORIOUS yell in after a third attempt. Roode stretching out (arm)Strong. Roode hits the ropes and Strong pops Roode up for a gut buster. Roode up first, but met with a punch to the gut. Whip exchange and running lariat from Strong. Several forearm shots from Strong. Strong with another back breaker variation after a nice back and forth gets a long two. Butterfly Suplex into a power bomb for another two. Roode fighting back by sending Strong through the ropes to the outside. Strong gets sent to the mat upon arrival back in the ring and a neck breaker by Roode. Beautiful spine buster by Roode. Bobby sets up for the Glorious DDT but blocked by Strong, who hits a slam. He quickly follows with a running knee in the corner. One, two, NOPE.

Strong looking a bit desperate as both men look gassed. Roode uses the ropes to provide a little whiplash to Strong's neck. Roode heads up top and Strong joins him. They battle until Strong gets sent back to the canvas. Speaking of desperation, Strong hits an enziguri out of nowhere. Back up top and Strong finally hits a super plex. Cover and a longggg two count. Both men down as the Full Sail crowd show their appreciation for this match. We're now in a battle of wills as they trade shots in the middle of the ring. Roode throws the official in the way which lets him hit the Impaler DDT. Roddy rolls closer to the rope before the cover to give him enough room to throw the foot on the ropes. Roode resorting to insults, which just fires up Strong for a trio of huge knees. Big back breaker from Strong, but no cover. Strong picks up Roode, blows him a kiss, and hits the same back breaker again for the win.

Winner via Pinfall: Roderick Strong

- After the match, Drew McIntyre comes out, nods in approval, holds up his title, and points at Strong. As McIntyre poses, Cole, Fish, and O'Reilly ambush the champion. They take out a few security guards and hightail it before Mr. Regal comes out. They taunt Regal as they exit the arena and the episode goes off the air.


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