WWE SummerSlam: Shinsuke Nakamura Vs. Jinder Mahal (WWE Title Match)

WWE Title Match: Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Jinder Mahal

We go to the ring as violinist Lee England Jr. begins performing to assist with Shinsuke Nakamura's special entrance. The Singh Brothers appear on the stage next before WWE Champion Jinder Mahal makes his entrance. Some of the other international announce teams were shown earlier in the arena, and now we check in with the Indian announce team. We get formal ring introductions from Hamilton.

Back and forth to start as they size each other up. They do a test of strength and Jinder applies a headlock. Nakamura ends up telling Jinder to bring it, then tossing Jinder to the floor. The Singh Brothers check on Jinder. He tries to get back into the ring but Nakamura kicks him back out. A "3MB" chant starts up next. We check in with the Japanese announce team next. Jinder finally makes it back in and turns it around. Nakamura drops him and nails a knee drop as fans hum Nakamura's theme. They end up on the floor and The Singh Brothers send Nakamura into the barrier. Jinder does the same and brings it back into the ring. Jinder unloads on Nakamura as the referee warns him.

Jinder keeps Nakamura grounded now. Fans chant for Nakamura but Jinder mocks him. Jinder drops Nakamura again and continues working him over. Jinder grounds Nakamura again now. Nakamura comes back with strikes. Nakamura unloads with kicks while Jinder is on his knees. More back and forth. Jinder blocks the exploder suplex. Nakamura catches Jinder in the armbar. Jinder gets his foot on the bottom rope to break it. They tangle and trade counters before Nakamura plants Jinder on his face. Jinder ends up rolling Nakamura up for 2. Jinder comes back and hits a knee for a 2 count.

Jinder calls for The Khallas but it's blocked. Nakamura decks him but Jinder is still up. Jinder charges but Shinsuke moves and he hits the ring post. Nakamura keeps control and sends Jinder to the mat. Samir Singh gets on the apron and Nakamura pulls him in. Sunil Singh also gets hit by Nakamura. Nakamura focuses on the brothers, allowing Jinder to come from behind and hit The Khallas for the win.

Winner: Jinder Mahal

After the match, Jinder takes his title and heads for the ramp as some fans look shocked. Nakamura is flat on his back as we go to replays. The Modern Day Maharaja raises the WWE Title on the stage as Nakamura looks up from the ring.

This is from our live coverage of WWE SummerSlam. To access our full SummerSlam coverage, click here.


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