2017 WWE Yearbook (Video), RAW Star's Losing Streak Continues, Supernatural Superstars Gallery

- Above is the 2017 WWE Yearbook featuring Charlotte Flair and AJ Styles as "Most Athletic," Naomi and Jinder Mahal as "Most likely to be found at the gym," and Sasha Banks and John Cena as "Most popular."


- Although we're not quite in October yet, WWE posted a gallery of Supernatural Superstars. The collection includes The Boogeyman, The Brood, Kevin Thorn, Papa Shango, Undertaker, and Kane.

- Curt Hawkins losing streak continued at a WWE live event last night in Sacramento and it currently stands at 117. Backstage, cameras tried to get a word with Hawkins, but he didn't feel like it and told them to "Go talk with the Cruiserweights."