Alberto El Patron On If He Will Be Returning To GFW

Alberto El Patron said that he is still planning on returning to Global Force Wrestling. Speaking with Sports Illustrated's Justin Barrasso about his recent efforts with fiancee Paige to help victims of Hurricane Harvey, El Patron said that he has kept in touch with GFW and hinted at returning at their next tapings in November.

"I've been in touch with Global Force Wrestling, and we're working to bring back Alberto El Patron to the company," said Patron. "We're working to find something that will please the fans.

"At the end of the day, I work for the fans; they are the ones I work to please," El Patron continued. "I am going to put all my heart, all my passion into making this work. I am completely focused on where I want to take the company in November, and I promise to make the company great again, and Alberto is going to be on top again."

El Patron was suspended while holding the company's World title on July 12th, days after news of his domestic dispute with Paige went public. El Patron was dropped as a suspect in the incident and no charges were filed. GFW conducted their own internal investigation and announced in mid-August that they were stripping him of the World Heavyweight Championship, which El Patron suggested was his idea.

"My company Impact and I have come to an agreement that it's best for both parties if I be stripped from the championships," El Patron wrote in an Instagram post on August 14th. "I came up with the suggestion just to show that Impact doesn't have favorites and everyone gets treated the same. Apologies to fans and my brothers and sisters in the company, even though I came out all clear and there was no wrongdoing, it was still a scandal. So thanks for your support and let's move forward more positively. One day I hope to be your champ again!"

As noted, El Patron will be appearing at this Sunday's Championship Wrestling from Hollywood's television tapings.


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