Big Number One Contender Match Next Week, Laurel Van Ness, After Impact (Video)

- Above, Josh Mathews and Scott D'Amore host After Impact to talk about tonight's show, the GFW Championship main event, and what the future holds for Lashley.

- Low Ki took offense to Johnny Impact being nearly given the next title shot by Jim Cornette and demanded he be next in line. After a brawl took place between Impact and LAX, Cornette announced next week it will be Low Ki vs. Johnny Impact to determine the number one contender for Eli Drake's GFW Championship.

- To stay in the U.S. Grado has been looking to get married, and almost did to Laurel Van Ness, until he found out she was Canadian. Tonight, Grado ended up calling off the wedding with Laurel, who promptly lost her mind, again. On Twitter, Laurel said the "hot mess express" is back and let everyone know she's fine, really.


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