Brian Knobbs Talks The Formation Of The XWF And Why "Macho Man" Randy Savage Walked Away

Former WWE / WCW / TNA star Brian Knobbs of The Nasty Boys recently appeared on Sitting Ringside" with David Penzer to discuss the short-lived XWF promotion. They sent us these highlights:

So let's set the time. The time is 2000, 2001, WCW was sold to WWF leaving a big void in people's viewing habits who were used to having two major shows. Then you were the one who got this XWF company going. So, tell me about how that happened?

"Well, there was no real place to wrestle anymore. A lot of the guys were actually personal friends of mine. I came up with a Brainiac idea to get everyone in the wrestling business who got along to create a family atmosphere, and go out there and do what we knew how to do best, which is professional wrestling. We'd get all the top talent that Vince (McMahon) let go to start our own league.

"We started out with me, Greg 'The Hammer' Valentine, we even had the 'Macho Man' involved at the start! There was a guy by the name of Kevin Harrington (Shark Tank) who was a very intelligent man who had connections. Kevin Harrington ended up hooking us up with Walter Frank, who was very interested in investing in a wrestling company. We then created the name XWF."

The impressive XWF roster:

"We had guys like Bobby 'The Brian' Heenan, Tony Schiavone, Rowdy Piper, The Road Warriors, Mr. Perfect! I mean you name it, they were there! It was a fantastic atmosphere! I've never done this in my life, I knew the wrestling business, so I figured, lets at least have a place where people can turn the channel if they don't want to watch the WWF. That was main premise of getting it done!"

"Macho Man" Randy Savage leaving the promotion:

"Macho Man didn't like the way the plan was going; so he ended up coming up to me and said, 'Knobbs, I don't think this for me'. I thanked him, wished him the best, and told him, 'whatever you think, but thank you for your input'. Macho Man said, 'I'm just going down a different road', and I said, 'no problem!' I said, 'If we can get this thing going maybe you can come back again'!

Knobs also discussed when Hulk Hogan came in, how many episodes were shot, if they landed a TV deal and more on the podcast. You can check out the full episode on iTunes or Stitcher.