Brie Bella Training Video Not Released Because It Shows Daniel Bryan Taking Bumps

Nikki Bella recently revealed that her sister Brie Bella is preparing for a return to the WWE and her husband Daniel Bryan is training her. Fans clamored for them to post a training video on YouTube, but during a live Q&A Bella and Bryan revealed that they did make the videos but they weren't allowed to be released.

"I actually did do some and they weren't allowed to be shown," Bella said. "I did what everyone asked, I did it for 800,000 (followers), and it wasn't allowed to be aired."

Bryan said Bella dropkicked him off the second rope, but the WWE isn't allowed to show him taking bumps.

"Because they're not allowed to show me doing anything wrestling-wise," Bryan said.

Bryan's concussion history has been well-documented, and that's why the WWE isn't allowing him to return to wrestling despite his strong desire to return to the ring. Bryan said that he is still currently training Bella as she gears up for her return.


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