Charlotte Flair Talks Her WWE Absence During Ric Flair's Health Scare, Severity Of Ric's Condition

Wrestling fans all over the world were shocked, and terrified, when word got out that Ric Flair was in a coma and was running the risk of no longer being with us. Fortunately, however, Naitch is out of the words, and Charlotte is speaking out on it.


While talking to Busted Open's Dave Lagreca and Larry Dallas – whose show airs on Sirius XM's Rush channel – Charlotte wasn't afraid to open up fully about how, for example, her father was "older" per se when she was born, and as a result, she knew – whether consciously or not – that he would soon suffer as a result of his health.

"I'm very close to my dad," she began. "My father was at the height of his career when I was born – so you could tell he was older. And whether I was consciously aware or not, I knew there were changes. I knew what my dad was going through."

She then went on to talk, in extensive detail, about the most recent health scare he had, and how heart-wrenching it really was for her.


"I actually took off longer from work for this than when my brother [former pro wrestler Reid Flair] died. You know, I've never seen my dad vulnerable. I've never seen him sick. So to have him in the hospital and not being my rock was very challenging," she said.

"I don't know if I ever really accepted that it was as serious as it was," she continued, adding that she was really shell-shocked when the doctors told her that her dad may not make it, and that it was imperative to pay her final respects to him. "But, after the surgery, it took about a week and a half before they would say, 'okay, he's really going to be on the mend.' I remember thinking, 'what am I gonna do without him?' But he is still the first person I'm going to call when I need advice on work. Whether I take his advice or not, of course, is a different story."

Charlotte went on to explain that her father's illness also allowed her to gain perspective on herself, and her work. The time off, she said, was a much-needed respite that allowed her to rethink herself, and her career, and to "loosen up" a little as she goes forward, since she tends to be very "uptight."

Charlotte is currently promoting her new book, Second Nature, which she co-wrote with her father.


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Source: Busted Open