Charlotte On Writing That Sasha Banks Was Angry With Her In NXT, Bayley Getting Booed By Fans

Charlotte spoke with 107.7 The Bone on a number of wrestling topics. Here are some of the highlights:

Writing in her book that Sasha Banks was angry with her in NXT:

"Not being as popular as Sasha at the time. She's one of the greatest performers today. She will go down as one of the greatest female wrestlers of all time. I don't want to say that necessarily that Sasha was mad, but Sasha is that competitive. That's why she brings out the best in me, and I bring out the best in her, because she wants to be the best and I want to be the best. At that time – if I was to put myself in Sasha's shoes – she had just come off [NXT TakeOver] Brooklyn against Bayley. One of the greatest matches. She probably in her mind thought 'Why isn't the title going to me?' I can't blame her for that. I just think it was hard for me knowing that I wish people could be more understanding that I needed the title to make me, and she didn't."

Bayley getting booed by fans:

"One thing I know about Bayley is this is what she's wanted to do her whole life, and just because the audience is disagreeing with her character – or however you want to look at it – it won't define her down the road. If anything, it will make her stronger and her character stronger because she'll have to evolve."

WWE putting together a Women's Royal Rumble:

"If we have enough women absolutely. I think that would be great. I think that would be exciting. It's just a matter of having enough women."

You can listen to the full interview or read the highlights by clicking here.

Source: 107.7 The Bone