Chris Jericho Creates Song About "The List" (Video)

Continuing his promo tour for his new book, No is a Four Letter Word, Chris Jericho stopped by The Kicker's new YouTube show called "Jam Sesh," where he told stories about his career in the WWE through the power of song.


Fans of Y2J undoubtedly know that Chris Jericho has flexed his vocal muscles in the band Fozzy, who have enjoyed some success in the past. But in the "jam sesh," he sang about things like not getting on "the list," which has been a running gag in his storyline as of late.

"Listen up / I'm telling you now," he begins over a metal beat. "You better get the gist / No matter how hard you ask, I'm not putting you on the list."

Continuing in this vein, Chris Jericho sang, "this ain't no, ain't no test / this ain't no, ain't no request / you can't ask to be on the list, you stupid idiots." (A bit redundant, we know.)

He continued scatting along with, "No s–t, no s–t, no list. My ass you kiss."


Also in the session, of course, Chris Jericho sang about "The Championship Blues," when he was talking about defeating both Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Undertaker. He also told a story about how, when he was first starting out in the WWE, a promoter told him to be a cowboy... which he refused to do.

"I did not want to be cowboy Chris Jericho," he crooned.

Source: The Kicker