Chris Jericho Has Doubts About Conor McGregor Joining WWE

Chris Jericho has already made a bold prediction that Conor McGregor will eventually join the WWE. Speaking to TMZ Sports on Monday, Jericho couldn't offer a timeline for when McGregor would transition to pro wrestling, but he doubled-down on his previous comments.

"It's an easy thing to imagine, I would say," Jericho said. "I don't think he's gonna join in two years, not now with all the money he made. But it could happen at some point. He's got the personality for it, that's for sure."

Even though Jericho believes McGregor's personality makes him a perfect fit for the WWE, he said it will take a substantial amount of money to attract "The Notorious" to enter the squared circle.

"It depends on how much money he can generate, which I think would be a lot," Jericho said. "He just made $100 million, so he's not coming in for peanuts, right?"

Even though McGregor's physical size is smaller than that of a typical wrestler, Jericho said that wouldn't hinder him at all. He said he expects McGregor to be able to work in rivalries against anybody, regardless of their stature.

"It's wrestling, so it could be against anybody as long as the story is good," Jericho said. "It's all show business."

Source: TMZ Sports


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