Chris Jericho On What Would Get Him To Return To WWE

Chris Jericho is currently on a hiatus from the WWE touring with his band Fozzy and promoting his latest book. Speaking with Baby Huey and Bimbo Jimbo on The Other Guys Podcast, Jericho said he's in no rush to return.

"Will I be back? Maybe, possibly," Jericho said. "If I never wrestled again it wouldn't bother me."

Jericho is known as one of the best in-ring technicians ever to wrestle in the WWE. He said he's driven by the storytelling aspect of wrestling, and he needs to be intrigued by a story before he can commit to getting back in the ring.

"I don't care about who is it I want to work with, for me it's what's the story behind it because I've worked with everybody," Jericho said. "It's about what's the storyline that you can put behind these things to make people really care."

Jericho said he really enjoyed his latest run with the WWE that saw him work with Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, AJ Styles and most notably Kevin Owens. Jericho said he'd be willing to work with anybody as long as the story is something he thinks the fans will respond to.

"If I can think of a good story or if a good story is presented to me, then I'm all in, and I don't care if it's with John Cena or if it's with Enzo Amore, whoever," Jericho said. "If it's a good storyline that I can sink my teeth into that I know people will love, just like the Festival of Friendship, then I'll come back again. If not, then it might be a little harder to attract me."

Source: The Other Guys Podcast


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