Chris Jericho Says Roman Reigns Might Be The Best Wrestler In WWE

Chris Jericho has been making the media rounds promoting his latest book, No Is A Four Letter Word. He stopped by Sports Illustrated recently and discussed the IWC's favorite wrestler, Roman Reigns.

Reigns has been a lightning rod for fan vitriol throughout his singles career. Jericho said he believes it's just a fad, something that top wrestlers before him have also experienced.

"For whatever reason, it's the cool thing to boo Roman Reigns, just as it was the cool thing to boo John Cena, just as it was the cool thing to boo The Rock," Jericho said.

Then Jericho dropped a bomb that's sure to get some fans riled up.

"Roman Reigns might be the best wrestler in the company," he said. "And I'm telling you that because if people are interested in what you're doing whether they're booing or whether they're cheering, they're still gonna pay money to see you."

Fans have begged for a heel turn from Reigns but WWE officials have stubbornly refused to change his character. Jericho, who has reinvented himself many times during his career, says if it's not broken, don't fix it.

"I wouldn't change it right now," Jericho said. "Obviously the boss has decided Roman is going to be a tweener. It's like football or baseball or hockey, not everybody's going to cheer for the same team, as long as you're making noise. And Roman's not stale."

Source: Sports Illustrated


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