Cody Rhodes On Steve Austin Giving Him Pointers, Feeling Like "The Hottest Thing Going", His Future

Brian Fritz of The Sporting News has a new interview with ROH World Champion Cody Rhodes, who was discussing his title defense against Minoru Suzuki at ROH Death Before Dishonor tonight. Below are some highlights:

How he's feeling:

"I feel like I'm the hottest thing going and I have to keep the fire going. Hate to say it, another step on the way."

Running into Steve Austin following his NJPW World title match with Kazuchika Okada this past July:

"I went outside to the parking lot and Steve Austin, who had watched the show, is yelling at me across the parking lot to come talk to him. He gave me a few pointers on what he saw and he praised the show overall and he seemed to like my match. Man, that was a really touching thing. Who isn't a fan of 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin and what he's done for wrestling? To get his pointers, to get his feel, to hear that he enjoyed it.

"It was just a cool moment in time. And then Jim Ross jumped in. I'll treasure that moment forever because I've seen my dad when he was a booker talk to 'Stunning' Steve Austin, give him a pep talk. What a time to be alive when 20 years later that something like that is happening again."

Making a decision between NJPW and ROH:

"I think 2018, we're (Cody and his wife Brandi) going to make a decision probably between New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring of Honor or both. Or we're going to make the decision to go right back on the complete independent brand tour. Who knows. I got my feel of the lay of the land and now I know how I want to approach the next year."

Cody also discussed Minoru Suzuki and their match tonight, the ROH World title being a legitimate world championship, ROH COO Joe Koff wanting him to make a decision about his future and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Make sure to join us tonight for our live coverage of ROH Death Before Dishonor.

Video credit: ROH

Source: Sporting News


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