Daniel Bryan Says He's Growing His Hair Out For A Match

Daniel Bryan continued to fan the flames of speculation for his in-ring return during his and Brie Bella's latest Q&A session on Instagram (h/t Reddit). Bryan's hair is beginning to reach the length it was during the latter part of his WWE career, but it's not simply a fashion statement. Bryan said he hopes it would lead to Lucha Libre matches in Mexico.


In the video, Bryan commented that his hair looked weird and Bella pressed him to reveal why he's growing it out. Bryan was coy at first, but then he revealed his plan.

"We don't need to talk about why I'm growing my hair out," Bryan said. "It may or may not be because I want to do apuestas matches in Arena Mexico. It may or may not be that."

"That's what he wants and that's what he keeps telling me," Bella chimed in.

In Mexican wrestling luchas de apuestas, which translates to "matches with wagers," are a commonality where wrestlers in heated rivalries would put their masks on the line in a mask vs. mask match to put an end to the feud. Also common are mask vs. hair matches and hair vs. hair matches, both of which would suit Bryan just fine.


"Imagine a hair vs. mask match vs. Atlantis, or a hair vs. hair vs. Rush," Bryan said.

Atlantis is a 54-year-old luchador who made his wrestling debut in 1983 and is undefeated in luchas de apuestas throughout his career. Rush, on the other hand, turns 29 tomorrow and has been wrestling since 2007. He's also undefeated in luchas de apuestas.

Bryan has long-expressed a desire to return to wrestling since his retirement in 2016. His concussion history has been well-documented, and that's why the WWE isn't allowing him to return. It was revealed earlier that month that Bella is preparing for a return of her own, and Bryan is training her.