Diamond Dallas Page On If He Had Heat With The Undertaker, What Taker Recently Told Him

Diamond Dallas Page's feud with The Undertaker was one of the most controversial storylines of the WCW Invasion. Page was revealed to be stalking 'Taker's wife, and it didn't go over well with the fans. The angle quickly fizzled out, and there were rumors that Taker was responsible for Page's push being nixed. Speaking to The Irish Sun, Page discussed his real-life relationship with the Deadman.

Despite the infamous storyline, Page said his heat with The Undertaker was solely for entertainment purposes and they actually got along well outside of the ring.

"I never had any real heat with 'Taker," Page said. "It wasn't like we didn't like each other. But our styles didn't really mix. I knew Mark from WCW before he was ever 'Taker. And I always liked him."

Despite their in-ring styles not meshing, the WWE put them together in a program that forced Page, one of the biggest babyfaces in WCW, to become a full-blown heel. Page said it was less about chemistry than it was about WWE trying to establish its dominance over WCW.

"They wanted to send a message. People always say, 'Winners write the history,'" Page explained. "It didn't matter if it was me or someone else from WCW facing 'Taker, we were going to get beat down because they wanted to say, 'Hey, we won the war.'"

Nowadays, DDP and The Undertaker have a better friendship. Page said 'Taker complimented him for his work with DDP Yoga.

"Today Taker and I are tight," he said. "He came up to me after he saw The Resurrection of Jake the Snake and said, 'Dude, what you're doing for the business and people in general is super special.'"

Source: The Irish Sun


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