FloSports Files Lawsuit Against WWN Over IPPV And VOD Buyrates

According to PWTorch, on September 15, FloSports filed a lawsuit against WWN (World Wrestling Network) in Travis County, Texas over WWN misrepresenting financial data of their iPPV and VOD buyrates. FloSports is looking for damages of one-million dollars due to "breach of contract and negligent misrepresentation."


FloSports and WWN partnered up back in October of last year where WWN would stream their properties (EVOLVE, FIP, Style Battle, SHINE, and ACW) on FloSports' wrestling channel, FloSlam. The signed contract was for five years.

In the lawsuit, FloSports claimed that they initially asked for data to backup WWN's iPPV and VOD buyrates and were told that information was lost. WWN eventually did give them information, but in the document subscribers were listed multiple times and it included those who just purchased DVDs, which wouldn't be included in a buyrate. According to sources who spoke to PWTorch, FloSports is using this as a "scare tactic" to get out of their contract with WWN and that WWN is planning on a counterclaim, potentially looking to get out of the contract early, as well.