It looks like one person might have ruined gambling on pro wrestling for everyone. According to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, somebody who gets the WWE finishes made a killing at SummerSlam, so gambling sites are considering dropping WWE.

Dave Meltzer wrote that there wasn't enough smart money in time for betting sites to adjust the line. Also, none of the finishes were changed at the last minute, so someone with inside knowledge can easily get all the finishes correct.

"He did a $3.36 parlay on ten matches, all of which he got right, and won $45,600," Meltzer wrote. "That was a key thing where I mentioned after the show that a lot of the gambling sites were considering dropping WWE because insiders that knew could make a lot of money and that level money was ridiculous. The company that got hammered hasn't done parlays in a long time, and won't be doing them again."

After a loss like that, it doesn't look like other companies will want to increase how often they place odds on wrestling matches, especially considering gambling on pro wrestling isn't as popular as gambling on other sports. Meltzer also noted that some WWE talents bet heavily and some sites recognize them, which causes the odds to switch.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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