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- Earlier today, GFW Champion Eli Drake (with Chris Adonis) and Matt Sydal arrive at the arena. Sydal will be challenging for Drake's title later tonight.

Caleb Konley and Trevor Lee vs. Petey Williams and Sonjay Dutt

Dutt and Konley kick things off, Dutt gets off to a hot start with a hurricanrana. In comes Williams, who grounds Konley, but in runs Lee with an elbow to stop Williams. Williams is able to fight off both opponents, goes for a pin on Lee, two count. Dutt tagged back in, Lee bails from the ring and tries to head to the back. Dutt chases him down and bring him back to the ring.

Dutt goes to work on Konley, Lee tries for a sneak attack, Dutt moves and Lee hits his own opponent. Double tree of woe, Williams goes for a double stomp, but Lee yanks him back to the mat, Konley is back in to take advantage. Lee and Williams have the momentum as Lee taunts Dutt on the apron. Williams takes a beating and is finally able to tag Dutt in. Lee continues to taunt Dutt, both Konley and Lee in the ring, Dutt with a tornado DDT using Lee's chest as a springboard. Dutt heads to the top rope, but Lee jumps in for the distraction, Dutt jumps off, rolls through, both Lee and Konley attack Dutt, suplex, pin, broken up by Williams. Williams hits the Canadian Destroy on Konley, big splash by Dutt, pin for the win!

Winners: Sonjay Dutt and Petey Williams via Pinfall

LAX (Santana and Ortiz) vs. Jon Bolen and Zachary Wentz

LAX gets off to a fast start with kicks and punches, we see oVe watching on from the back. LAX is trashing both of their opponents. Santana and Ortiz pick Wentz up and throw him into a grounded Bolen. Street Sweeper from the top rope and this one is already over.

Winners: LAX via Pinfall

- Post match, oVe heads out, Dave says they are family and have been a tag team since birth. He continues by saying they are the best tag team in the world, but they will beat LAX first to prove it. Konnan on the mic and says LAX dictates the terms, so if oVe wants their shot, they have to come to Tijuana at the Crash wrestling promotion to get a title shot. Dave says that sounds like their kind of place because, Ohio versus everything.

Taryn Terrell and Sienna vs. Gail Kim and Allie

Gail Kim is not happy, attempting to get at Terrell right off the bat, but Sienna stopped that in a hurry. Kim gets control early on until she's dropped across the top rope. Sienna with a flapjack and in comes Terrell who gets in a few kicks, before bringing Sienna right back in to continue the dirty work. Kim continues to get worked over before finally being able to tag in Allie who hits a few flying clotheslines on Sienna. Allie with a rough looking sliced bread #2 variation, pin, two-count. Allie looks to head to the top rope, KM grabs her foot and Braxton Sutter clears him to the back. Allie with a crossbody on Sienna who rolls the momentum into a pin for the 1-2-3.

Winners: Taryn Terrell and Sienna via Pinfall

- Post-match, Terrell and Sienna continue to attack Kim and Allie. Out from the back comes an angry Rosemary, initially getting after the two women, but the numbers game gets the best of her. Suddenly, Taya Valkyrie makes her debut and strolls to the ring. Sienna and Terrell stop attacking for whatever reason to watch Taya come to the ring. With her ring gear on, Taya strolls in and faces off with Sienna as Terrell hides behind her. Taya suddenly turns around and attacks Rosemary, lifting and dropping her right on her face.

- Eli Drake promo talking about his upcoming match against Matt Sydal and changing how things are done in GFW.

- Jim Cornette heads to the ring for his GFW State of the Union where he talks up the company with its new stars and focus on competition. He hypes tonight's main event between Drake and Sydal, then predicts Sydal will be tonight's winner. Out to the ring is Johnny Impact who tells Cornette he's the man and wants to face the winner between Sydal and Drake. Before Cornette can fully commit out comes LAX with Low Ki leading the way. Konnan gets in Impact's face and feels like there's some "white privilege" going on around here if Impact automatically gets a title shot. Low Ki is angry and doesn't want to be in line, he wants to be ahead of the line. Low Ki let's Impact know this isn't WWE or Lucha Underground and calls him a b----. Brawl starts between LAX and Impact as security comes out to try and keep the two away from each other. LAX finally moves out of the ring and Cornette tells them to leave before they all get suspended.

- Backstage, Cornette announced next week it will be Impact and Low Ki to decide who will be the number one contender for the GFW Championship.

- We see last week's segment where Laurel Van Ness told Grado she's from Canada, which isn't going to help keep him in the U.S. This week, Joseph Park tells Grado he just has to break the bad news to her. Laurel comes along, Grado instantly tells her the wedding is off. He says to be happy and it's just a chance at a new journey. Laurel takes a moment to herself and it looks like the insanity is back as she smudges makeup all over her face.

- Clips are shown of AAA TripleMania with Jeff Jarrett, Johnny Impact, DJ Z, Lashley, Moose, and others talking about the event. DZ Z talks about his injury and be able to come back and wrestle in front of such a large crowd. They bring up the gauntlet match and how Moose and Lashley were involved. Lashley wasn't too happy that was the match he was put it, but just said that's the wrestling business. Moose ended up eliminating Lashley in the match and Lashley wasn't happy that his own "teammate" was the one to take him out. "That's why I don't have any friends in wrestling."

- Jeff Jarret and Jeremy Borash talk about Johnny Impact being a star and well he's performed in AAA as their Champion. Impact talks up how big of an event TripleMania and that he's currently holding three of AAA's titles. At the event, Impact had to defend all three titles in a ladder match against El Hijo del Fantasma and Texano Jr. The highlights of the match are shown as Impact is able to win the match and retain his titles.

- Back to TripleMania, Jeff Jarrett says while drama is good there was some unnecessary drama with Sexy Star injuring Rosemary at the end of their match. Karen Jarrett called it upsetting and disgusting. Jarrett says it got tense as video showed Jarrett arguing with La Parka backstage. Vampiro looked to play peacemaker as Jarrett yelled at the other wrestlers. Jarrett says overall the relationship between GFW and AAA is strong both short and long term.

- Dezmond Xavier talks about his background as he came from a military family and his early days of getting into pro wrestling. Xavier continues about "making it" and his Super X Cup win. Now, he's looking to switch his attention to the X-Division.

- AAA star, Pagano, "coming soon" vignette.

- Quick clip of Eddie Edwards winning the GHC championship in Pro Wrestling NOAH.

- Garza Jr. talks about how he loves wrestling and about his Uncle, Hector Garza, who he calls one of the greatest wrestlers ever.

- Recap of Kongo Kong beating Richard Justice last week. Justice is back this week, still hurting, he wants to make sure he's ready in case someone needs him.

- Hype video of tonight's title match between Matt Sydal and GFW Champion Eli Drake.

Matt Sydal vs. Eli Drake (GFW Championship Match)

Some stalling by Drake to kick off the match, once Sydal gets some momentum Drake heads to the ropes for a break. Sydal with an early pinning attempt, only gets two. Action is back and forth as Sydal uses his agility to keep the champion down. Drake tugs at the ref's pants to get a distraction as Adonis gets in a strike on Sydal. Adonis is kicked to the barricade by Sydal seconds later. Drake is able to take advantage and send Sydal to the mat. Drake with clubbing blows with Sydal on the apron, Drake grabs a chair and looks like he's about to whack Sydal, "I'm just kidding" as he sets it down.

Action back in the ring, Sydal tries to get back in this but a neckbreaker by Drake stops that. Drake whips Sydal into the bottom rope, Sydal rolls to the floor and is able to throw Drake into the ring post. Back in the ring, Drake stomps away at Sydal who looks to be nearly out of this thing, pin, two-count. Drake continues to keep things grounded and more at his pace. Drake misses a clothesline, gets dropped, Sydal with a number of kicks and a standing moonsault, pin, two. Sydal charges in, eats an elbow, Drake up to the second rope, Sydal with a hurricanrana to send him crashing down. Sydal goes up to the top rope, double knees, pin, another two.

Adonis is stirring on the outside and puts the title in the ring. He then goes to the other side, throws in a chair to distract the ref. Drake grabs the title, misses, Sydal with a knee to the face, pin, two. Sydal up to the top rope, hits Adonis, back up again. Ref is caught up with Adonis on the apron as Drake clocks Sydal in the head with the title, gravy train for the win.

Winner: Eli Drake retains the GFW Championship