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- Earlier today, we see Lashley show up with American Top Team, again. One of the ATT guys awkwardly bear hug a backstage worker.

Braxton Sutter vs. Garza Jr.

Sutter tries to lock in a submission early, Garza gets out of it fairly easily. Dual trips as we have a bit of a standoff, back and forth chops and strikes. Garza stops the action to try and lose the pants, Sutter keeps him from doing so as both end up on the second rope, neckbreaker on Garza. Pin attempts from both wrestlers, each get a two count. Garza hits multiple flying clotheslines before losing the pants (while also blowing a kiss to Allie). Garza tosses his pants at her and Sutter is not happy.

Action to the outside, Garza lifts and drops Sutter on the steel steps. Garza then goes for a suicide dive and ends up stopping, so he didn't hit Allie. Sutter takes advantage, back in the ring, sit-down powerbomb on Garza, pin, two. Garza recovers, hits a nice spinning kick, second rope moonsault, pin and he gets the win.

Winner: Garza Jr. via Pinfall

- Post-match, Garza J. holds the ropes for Allie to enter the ring. Sutter starts yelling at Allie and scolds her for the loss. He goes to leave the ring, but returns and gives Allie a hug. He tries to walk out with her and she holds back initially, not looking so happy.

El Hijo del Fantasma vs. Ethan Carter III (Grand Championship Match)

Round One

Multiple corner rope breaks as ECIII looks to be in a foul mood early on. ECII with a shoulder block, drops Fantasma, but ECIII takes three hip tosses. ECIII with punches to the face and chops to the chest. ECIII goes for a pin, two-count. TKIII all the way to the floor and ECIII smashes Fantasm's face into the apron as the bell rings to end the first round. Almost total domination by ECIII in that first round.

ECIII up 1-0

Round Two

ECIII gets off the a fast start suplex, headlock, and keeps Fantasma grounded. Throws Fantasma into the corner, charges in, misses. Fantasma is now on a roll, running double knees to ECIII's chest, sets him up on the top rope, hits a hurricanrana! Big splash off the top rope by Fantasma, pin, two count. Fantasma with the momentum to end that round.

Tied at 1-1

Round Three

ECIII goes for a quick pin, goes right into a powerbomb, and another! Goes for a pin, but just two. Fantasma hops to the apron, kick, up to the top rope with a crossbody, pin and two count. Both guys slowing down a bit as they each swing for the fences. Fantasma with an armlock, but ECIII hits a TKIII, pin, two. Boot to the face sends ECIII to the outside, Fantasma with a big suicide dive. Back to the ring, running knee by ECIII, hits the one percenter, and ECIII can't quite get the pin as time expires.

Winner: ECIII via Split Decision (2-1)

- Post-match, Fantasma is not happy with Hector Guerrero (from AAA), Fantasma can't believe Hector didn't vote for him in the third and decided vote. He puts his hands on Hector and gets shoved by the judge. Fantasma heads back into the ring to jaw with ECIII. In the ring comes, AAA Star, Pagano! He shakes hands with Fantasma and the duo starts stomping away at ECIII. In runs Eddie Edwards and is able to clean house. Eddie looks to the title and maybe teases a future match between him and the champ.

- We go to Mexico as LAX gathers together and looks to party it up at gentleman's club. Konnan discusses the upcoming tag title match against oVe.

- At The CRASH promotion we see oVe show up to the arena in Tijuana, Mexico. The match ended up being a Fatal 4-Way way tag team bout and we just see highlights of it. oVe look to nearly have the match, but Santana and Ortiz continue to fight them off. It looks like LAX had the match locked up, but Jake was able to kick out. With some help of Homicide, LAX were able to retain their titles as Jake and Dave look on disappointed.

- Later in the night, oVe approached LAX, Konnan tells them they are a long way from Ohio, so they better bounce. After staring down some of the wrestlers in the room, oVe leaves.

Grado vs. William Weeks

Back in the Impact Zone, this is Grado's farewell match and he gets the quick win with a big boot on his opponent.

Winner: Grado via Pinfall

- Post-match, Grado says tomorrow morning he'll be flying back home and thanks the fans for being so supportive. Out comes Joseph Parks who says he has big news and that his office has opened a new sports division and Grado is his first client. Grado can get a work visa and that means he can stay in the country. Parks says Grado is going to be big and be on those "6,000 wrestling podcasts."

- Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell talks with Johnny Impact. Johnny says both he and Low Ki are trailblazers and he had to have a match against him, but Low Ki (aka the guy who does movie voice-overs) is going to "slam town."

- Lashley shows up to Cornette's office and says he's leaving GFW and wants a release. Cornette says he's going to make more money in GFW than in MMA, but he can't handle Lashley's "baggage." He demands his group leave the building and that Lashley needs to settle his issues with Moose in the ring before getting his release. Lashley agrees and heads out.

Trevor Lee vs. Sonjay Dutt (Falls Count Anywhere X Division Title Match)

Dutt can barely get in the ring before Lee is already on him, big kick to the face, he goes for a pin right off the bat. Dutt recovers and throws Lee into the ring post, pin, two. After nearly the entire match took place on the floor, the two move into the ring. Lee has all the momentum right now as he stomps away at the champion. Dutt goes to the outside, tosses a chair into the ring, Dutt immediately tosses it back out. Dutt with a big kick, double clotheslines and double kicks to drop both wrestlers!

Tornado DDT by Dutt and he heads to the top rope, but gets dropped. Lee climbs up nails a big superplex! Dutt rolls to the outside, but he can't escape getting pinned. Lee leans Dutt up against the steel steps, picks up a chair, and chucks it at his opponent, Dutt dodges it. Lee thrown into the barricade - which breaks - and the two fight in the crowd. Standing moonsault by Dutt, pin, two-count.

As we come back from break, the two wrestlers are backstage and quickly outside. Suddenly, Caleb Konley shows up to take down Dutt. Both Lee and Konley smack Dutt with a garbage can (and lid). Konley holds Dutt as Lee tries for one more garbage can shot and ends up hitting Konley. Kick by Dutt (who's now busted up) and he starts smacking Lee with a garbage can lid. Lee attempts a tornado DDT off the wall, but gets dropped between the legs on a barricade. More double team on Dutt, Lee with a pin and that's will do it.

Winner: Trevor Lee via Pinfall to win the X Division Championship

- Backstage, Richard Justice bumps into American Top Team, and asks if he could join them. They end up wiping him out and laying a shirt on his face making him an "honorary member."

- Up next, the in-ring debut of Taya Valkyrie.

Taya Valkyrie vs. Amber Nova

Amber uses his quickness to try and get around Taya, but she quickly gets slammed down to the mat. Nova goes for a hurricanrana off the top rope, but Taya with a big powerbomb, pin, and Taya pulls her opponent up at two. One more big move before she finishes off her opponent.

Winner: Taya Valkyrie via Pinfall

- Backstage, GFW Champion Eli Drake (with Chris Adonis) says he's on another level and "two dummies" are trying to come for his title tonight. Drake says he'll be watching the main event.

Low Ki vs. Johnny Impact (Number One Contender Match for the GFW Championship)

Bit of a stalemate to start off the match, Johnny is finally able to drop Low Ki to the mat, but there's a lot of scrambling from both wrestlers. Low Ki tossed to the corner, throws his feet up and is able to kick back at Johnny, sending him across the ring. Low Ki with a dragon sleeper while Johnn is tied up in the ropes. Plenty of kicks from both wrestlers, Johnny gets Low Ki caught in the corner, big kick to the back, sliding german suplex. Johnny attempts to go up to the top and gets caught. Low Ki up to the top, hits a bunch of elbow strikes and he locks in another dragon sleeper while in a tree of woe position.

Johnny recovers, but misses a top rope move, big dropkick by Low Ki sending Mundo flying into the corner, pin, two. Johnny is laying on the bottom rope, Low Ki goes for a Warrior's Way, misses, landing hard on the top rope. Johnny climbs up to the top rope hits Starship Pain for the win.

Winner: Johnny Impact to become the number one contender

- In two weeks, at Victory Road, Impact will face Drake for the GFW Championship.

- Post-match, Eli Drake heads out to talk some trash. From behind, Chris Adonis takes Impact down and puts him in the Adonis Lock. Drake strolls into the ring as Johnny is basically out of it. Drake hits the gravy train in the middle of the ring and holds his title up high.

- In Cornette's office, Jim tries to keep Lashley in the company. Lashley says he came here to say goodbye and go somewhere people appreciate him. He tells Cornette to come out to the ring to see what he does to Moose.

- Backstage, Taya Valkyrie gets in Karen Jarrett's face and asks if she saw what she did in the ring tonight. "That's what a true Queen looks like!"

- In the ring, Lashley says he'd prefer to do both MMA and wrestling, but he's been forced to pick one. Lashley says he going back to MMA and American Top Team to win the Heavyweight Championship. He says tonight is his last night in the Impact Zone and he'll show his dominance by taking care of Moose. Out to the ring comes Moose, who lands a quick punch on Lashley, but ends up getting dropped and sent out of the ring. Lashley with an ugly looking powerbomb on the floor. Moose is stunned, Lashley looks to spear him through a barricade, but Moose gets his foot up and drops Lashley.

The two are now fighting in the crowd, Moose is being choked in the bleachers as they throw haymakers back and forth. Moose grabs a garbage can and hits Lashley over the back with it. They make their way up to the stage, neckbreaker by Lashley. Moose able to recover and hits a kick, sending Lashley down the ramp. The end up back in the ring as Moose goes for the finishing blow as American Top Team show up and Moose gets choked out. Security heads out, but they are sent out of the ring in record time. Lashley and ATT pose over a beaten Moose as we close out the show.