Hulk Hogan On If He Would Have Continued To Use The "N-Word" If His Racist Tirade Wasn't Leaked

Hulk Hogan appeared on OBJECTified on FOX News last night to discuss his career, low and high points in his life and the Gawker trial. As we reported last week, Hogan also detailed the night WWE fired him when he told them that a tape containing him using the "n-word" may become public.


"When I heard this was going to happen, I called them on a Thursday or a Friday. As I hung up the phone that night, they fired me in the morning," Hogan said. "It really caught me off guard, I didn't expect it because the WWE knows who I am. I'm not that person, that's not who I am and that's not what I do."

WWE fired Hogan in 2015 shortly before the tape containing Hogan making racist remarks was made public. Hogan, who was upset with his daughter Brooke dating a black man, used the n-word several times in the tape and said, "I guess we're all a little racist."

During the episode, Harvey Levin asked Hogan if he would have continued to use the n-word when he was angry if the tape wasn't leaked.


"No," Hogan quickly answered. "I tried to clean up my whole life. I made a whole switch, almost a shift from being negative... I moved forward so I'm in check with myself."

Hogan also said that the black community has never backed away from him.

"As far as the black community and using that word, it's not part of who I am now," Hogan said. "It's not part of my language because I understand how powerful words are. You know, growing up in South Tampa where we came from, it was a situation where when you played baseball and basketball and ran around in South Tampa, it was just common knowledge 45 – 50 years ago [that people used the term], but it's not that way anymore."

Doric Sam contributed to this article.