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- Earlier today, we see Johnny Impact enter the arena and elsewhere, Eli Drake on the phone.

- Hype video for tonight's Victory Road show.

Trevor Lee (c) (with Caleb Konley) vs. Petey Williams (X Division Championship)

Trevor Lee with some taunting early on, but Williams is not impressed, hitting two hurricanranas. Lee gets booted out of the ring and yet another hurricanrana by Williams. Konley gets a slight distraction, Lee bounces Williams from the apron to the floor and nails him with a huge kick to the face. Back in the ring, Lee with a couple pin attempts as he looks to have control in his favor at the moment. Williams works his way back in with some chops and a couple boots to the face.

Petey has Lee grounded and looks to hit the Canadian Destroyer, but Konley jumps up on the apron. Williams charges him and Lee lands a big uppercut, Williams goes off the ropes, suicide dive takes out Caleb Konley on the outside. He gets back in the ring and hits a Canadian Destroyer, goes for a pin, but Konley yanks the ref out of the ring. The ref ends up throwing him out of the match, but he slides the title into the ring before hand. Lee clocks Williams with the title as the ref is distracted, pin, 2! Back and forth punches, Williams looks for another Canadian Destroyer, Lee counters, whips Williams against the ropes and Lee with a massive double stomp to get the victory.

Winner: Trevor Lee via Pinfall

- LAX lair, we hear from LAX as they are joking about oVe getting worked over last week in Tijuana, Mexico. Konnan looks forward to more partying tonight when they retain their titles.

Rosemary, Gail Kim, and Allie vs. Taya Valkyrie, Sienna, and Taryn Terrell

Rosemary and Taya kick things off with back and forth elbows, Rosemary locks in a submission along the ropes, five count allows Taya to get out of the hold and tag out momentarily. Kim and Terrell in, but Taryn quickly tags back out to Taya. Kim gets the best of Taya, finishing off with a hurricanrana as the good gals able to clear the ring, we head to a break.

Back to the action, Kim goes to work on the champion, Sienna. Kim misses a big splash in the corner, then gets throw into the ring post, shoulder first. Things break down as the referee is trying to get Rosemary and Allie back to their corner, the other side all kick away at Kim in the corner. Terrell goes in on a beaten Kim, drops her, goes for a pin, two. Crowd supporting Kim as Taya gets in and tries to hit the Road to Valhalla, Kim counters, DDT, both are able to tag out. In comes Allie and Terrell, Allie with clotheslines and a dropkick in the corner. Rosemary intercepts a charging Sienna (who tagged in), big suplex drops her. Allie locks in a submission on Terrell as Taya splashes Rosemary on the outside. Allie looking to finish off Terrell, Sienna sneaks in, rolls Allie up and pins her while putting her feet on the ropes.

Winners: Sienna, Taryn Terrell, and Taya Valkyrie via Pinfall

- Backstage, Eli Drake wonders where his couch went and says Impact is trying to take the title off him, but nobody can do it. Not even the "golden boy," Johnny Impact. He says the headlines tomorrow will read "Slam Town is burning, thanks to Eli Drake."

- Last week, we see James Storm in a potential alliance with EC3. Storm is headed to the ring as he passes EC3 backstage, they two stare at each other for a moment before parting ways.

- Grado is seen sleeping at a restaurant with Joseph Park, Grado says Park has him working so hard with this new schedule. Grado gets an envelope with his first paycheck, Park has to suddenly go though, Grado checks out the envelope and makes about 50 faces.

- Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell talks with Johnny Impact, who took Eli Drake's couch. Impact talks about lighting and thunder, yeah, he mentions Slam Town and heads off.

- James Storm comes down to the ring, Storm says AAA has some guys coming to Impact and they are trying to disrespect "The Old Cowboy." Storm isn't down with anyone leapfrogging him and says this is GFW The crowd starts up a "GFW!" chant, well, this is awkward. Storm taunts AAA a bit more. Out comes Texano Jr., Storm calls Texano Jr. into the ring, "Why don't you bring your Taco Bell ass in here!" Texano runs in and Storm quickly gets the best of him.

In runs El Hijo del Fantasma and the number game quickly turns things around. Storm with a double clothesline, but is brought down with Texano's rope, he then gets whipped by it a few times. Fantasma gets on the mic and says AAA does respect GFW, but the best company in the world is AAA and tries to start a AAA chant to no avail. Texano gets Storm's beer bottle, but out comes EC3 to help Storm out. He goes after both AAA guys and clears them out of the ring. Storm gets up and stares at EC3, extends his hand - which EC3 initially walks away from him - but comes back and shakes it. The war is on!

- Jim Cornette's office, Storm is mad and wants Cornette to book a tag match against AAA. Cornette agrees, so next week, it will be Storm/EC3 and Fantasma/Texano. Storm plans to send them back to AAA in rough shape, Cornette says to win the match, but don't ruin the partnership the two companies have.

- Episode 3 of Forged, Scott D'Amore say they narrowed it down to three finalists. Scott calls each of the wrestlers to let them know they've made it to the next stage. Over the next seven weeks, it will be these three (along with another group of wrestlers) who will go at it to see who is worthy of being in Impact Wrestling.

oVe vs. LAX (GFW World Tag Team Championship Match)

oVe off to a fast start as they attack LAX on the outside, the bell has yet to ring. Finally, Dave sends Santana into the ring and looks for some quick pins, only getting two. Ortiz tosses Jake into the steel steps. Both Santana and Dave end up on the top rope, super side Russian leg sweep by Santana as we head to a break.

We come back to Ortiz tossing Dave to the outside and LAX attacks, stomping away at him. Back in the ring, Ortiz continues to kick away, bringing in Santana. Big swinging drop by LAX, Santana with a standing moonsault, Dave really needs to tag out of this one. LAX continues to work with double chops and for whatever reason start taunting. It gives Dave an opening to roll through them and bring Jake in.

Jake goes for a neckbreaker, Santana counter, Jake with a power slam into the corner. Santana up to the top rope, gets caught by Dave, superplex/powerbomb combo by oVe, pin, Ortiz breaks it up. oVe able to stomp away at Ortiz who is able to superkick both, then pull off a death valley driver to Jake and onto Dave in the corner. oVe in a tough spot, Santana up top, gets tossed off and hits the steel steps. Jake with a spinning kick on Ortiz, Dave hits a big DDT, pin, 1-2-3!

Winners: oVe via Pinfall to win the GFW World Tag Team Titles

- At American Top Team's training facility, Lashley's coach taunts Impact Wrestling and says Lashley will reach his full potential now that he's fully focused on MMA. He then kicks the cameras out.

- Backstage, Johnny Impact, Scott D'Amore, and Dezmond Xavier congratulate oVe on their victory.

Eli Drake (c) w/ Chris Adonis vs. Johnny Impact (GFW Championship Match)

Drake does some jawing as Johnny just looks on as he finally cracks him in the face and hits a diving forearm. Drake is able to recover and starts pounding away, slamming Johnny's head into the turnbuckle. Drake ends up getting stuck on the top rope and bounced to the floor. Adonis jumps up on the apron to distract Johnny and give Drake some time to recover. Johnny goes for an early pin, only two. Johnny sets Drake up on the top rope and hits a nice swinging neckbreaker. Drake is having a tough time keeping up with Johnny's speed, Johnny looking for a big move and Adonis blatantly trips him up, the ref ends up tossing Adonis away from ringside.

Drake attempts to head backstage, Johnny catches him and hits a suplex on the ramp. Both wrestlers back in the ring, pin on Drake, two. Crowd is about 70/30 in favor of Johnny Impact as Drake hits a couple big elbows while Johnny is on the apron. Slingshot into the second rope and Drake looks to be on a roll at the moment. Johnny goes for a splash in the corner, misses, neckbreaker by Drake, pin, two. Crowd trying to cheer Johnny on as Drake grinds away at him, not letting the challenger do much of anything.

Johnny finally gets into this one with some wild punches, side Russian leg sweep, leg drop, pin, only two. Johnny with another nice sequence of moves ending with a pin attempt, Drake kicks out and is carried up to the top rope. Johnny with a Spanish Fly! Only gets two! Back from break, Drake hits blunt force trauma, pin, just two. Back elbow stuns Johnny, Drake goes for a clothesline and he ends up take out the referee. Johnny with a big kick, pin, and the ref is totally out of it. Johnny calls for another ref as Adonis heads back to ringside (sneaking the title to Drake) and distracting Johnny. Drake hammers Johnny with it. A new ref dives in, but Johnny is able to somehow kick out.

Drake is not happy and ends up punching the new official, but no DQ? Now, Adonis and Drake are just beating up Johnny in the middle of the ring. Drake snatches the title again and goes to hit Johnny, misses and ends up hitting Adonis. Johnny drops Drake on the title, goes for the pin, the original referee with a slow count and Drake kicks out at the last second. Johnny up to the top rope, but Drake hides behind the referee, Drake tosses him at Johnny and kicks him between the legs as he lands on the mat. Gravy Train, pin, and that will do it.

Winner: Eli Drake wins via Pinfall to retain the GFW Championship

- Post-match, Drake says that's not enough on the mic as Adonis holds Johnny down. Drake says he can sniff the title since that's the closest Johnny will get to it because he is the one and only champion. Adonis and Drake continues to smash Johnny, but out comes Garza Jr. and clears out both Adonis and Drake. Suddenly, LAX jumps the ring and they start beating up Garza Jr. and Johnny. Some "fan" is yelling at Konnan and LAX, Konnan shoved the fan back. Impact officials try to get the situation under control and Konnan ends up shoving one of the officials. In the ring, Adonis now puts the Adonis Lock on a third official and dumps him out of the ring. There's some really random chaos going on all over the place! Drake holds the title up over Johnny Impact as Jim Cornette yells at Drake and Adonis for their insubordination.