John Cena Concerned About IPhone X, Chris Jericho's Favorite Star Wars Character, Cena - SmackDown

- has an interview with Chris Jericho, who was promoting Fozzy's new album, Judas. During the interview, Jericho revealed his favorite Star Wars character.

"Han Solo, no doubt about it," Jericho said. "Favorite character since the moment I saw him. And of course, you've got to give an honorable mention to Chewbacca, and the most obscure character that's my favorite is probably the rancor keeper. I love that guy!"

- As noted, the RAW crew is headed overseas for live events in Australia and New Zealand. The SmackDown crew will be following suit after tonight's SmackDown Live in Las Vegas with shows in Hawaii on Wednesday, Osaka on Saturday and Shenzen on Sunday. As noted, John Cena will be working Sunday's show in Shenzen, which is the only SmackDown event he's scheduled for.

- Speaking of Cena, Apple today revealed the iPhone X. The phone comes with a new facial recognition feature called Face ID, which lets users unlock their phone or use Apple Pay just by looking at it. That causes a problem for John Cena, as he tweeted the following:


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