– Above, Gail Kim, Allie, and Rosemary talk about what they will do to Taya Valkyrie, Sienna, and Taryn Terrell at next week’s Victory Road 6-women tag match. Gail says she wants to put them all on a stretcher, while Rosemary wants to hack and chop them up. On tonight’s show, all six Knockouts were involved in a brawl to set this match up.

– Below is this week’s After Impact hosted by Josh Mathews and Scott D’Amore, talking about tonight’s episode. Topics included Johnny Nitro having two number one contender matches, Eli Drake’s championship match, and predictions for next week.

– Speaking of Johnny Impact’s matches, cameras caught up with him after he defeated KM and said while KM has what it takes to make it in Impact, he also proved that he is “A huge douche rocket.” Impact would later face Texano Jr. – defeating him, as well – and will now go on to wrestle Eli Drake for the GFW World Championship next week.