Konnan On If He Has Heat With WWE Over Past Gimmick And His Interactions With Vince McMahon Since

WrestlingINC.com owner Raj Giri was on a media conference call today Global Force Wrestling's Konnan. Giri asked whether Konnan still has heat with Vince McMahon over his Max Moon character.

Konnan came up with an idea for a cyborg from the future with an elaborate costume. McMahon agreed to the idea and the WWE purchased the outfit at a cost of $13,000.


"The Max Moon thing is very easy," Konnan explained. "When I had met Vince McMahon, I told him about this idea I saw in Japan for this animated robot. He was like, 'Alright, we'll do it,' and we did."

The costume was so intricate that Konnan would have to fly from his home in Mexico to Los Angeles to pick up the outfit and bring it to shows. But his popularity in Mexico had grown substantially, so working as the Max Moon character became more of a headache than anything else.

"I had done this soap opera and rap record and it was doing good," he said. "I had crossed over into the mainstream and I was a big draw as a wrestler, I was getting paid. So when I went to TV, I was like, 'Bro, I'm the man in Mexico, why am I coming to WWE?' So I stopped going."


As expected, not showing up to events had a negative impact on Konnan's relationship with McMahon, who had done a lot financially and creatively to make the Max Moon character. The character was eventually given to Paul Diamond and then it was abandoned after a brief run. Konnan said he's not sure if he still has heat with the WWE because the interactions between them have been fairly cordial, even after the Max Moon mishap .

"Paul Diamond told Vince that he could fit into the outfit, and he could, so they gave him the persona," Konnan said. "From then, supposedly I had this incredible heat, but when I've seen Vince backstage it's, 'Hey, what's up Konnan?' Stephanie, everybody. When they don't want you there, they let you know. I know that they've even stopped people from actually being in the dressing room, they've never done that to me. So I'm not sure if the heat is till there or what the deal is, but that's the story."