Konnan On Rey Mysterio - GFW Talks, His Thoughts On Alberto El Patron Returning To GFW

WrestlingINC.com owner Raj Giri was on a media conference call today with Global Force Wrestling's Konnan. Giri inquired about whether Konnan is slated to work with Alberto El Patron upon his return.

As noted, the plan now is for El Patron to return from suspension at GFW's next pay-per-view, Bound For Glory on November 5. Prior to his suspension, he was involved in a rivalry with Konnan and LAX. Konnan said he would love to reignite his rivalry with El Patron, but he doesn't yet know if the creative team plans for them to work together again.

"They've spoken to me about a couple things with Alberto, but I don't even think they're sure what they want to do," Konnan said. "Alberto is, straight up, he is a one-of-a-kind entertainer. He goes out there and he leaves it all in the ring, so I would love for us to do something with ADR, but that's definitely up to creative."

Konnan also was asked about his involvement in negotiations between GFW and Rey Mysterio. It was reported that Mysterio no longer plans on signing with GFW after talks breaking down. Konnan said his goal is to try and mend the relationship so both sides can be open to negotiating again.

"I was definitely very heavily involved in it because I represent him. We were talking, talks broke down, and we're trying to repair those talks," Konnan said. "Hopefully in the future Rey may come to GFW, but that was something that was definitely in the works."


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