Kurt Angle Reveals Vince McMahon's Response When Asked What Would Happen To WWE After He's Gone

Kurt Angle is never afraid to speak his mind, and recently, the new Monday Night Raw manager had a chance to spill the beans about Vince McMahon, whether he'll ever wrestle again, and much more.

The former Olympian recently sat down with Garry, Tim, and Hamish for their eponymously-titled show. After going through a trip down memory lane and some of the best moments of his career (to which Kurt Angle replied that fans always "are looking for a WrestleMania moment," and that he never really knew what the fans were expecting anymore), the hosts asked about his opinion of Vince McMahon.

After thinking for a quick minute, Angle replied that the WWE chief wasn't a difficult boss to work for, but he did admit that he was the type that wanted things done "a certain way," and that he was very uncompromising in that request. However, Angle also went on to say that McMahon was a "very good boss," remarked that there was "a reason" that he was still in charge of the company, and that even though his requests for the way things are run at the WWE are very uncompromising, "99% of the time, he's right."

Asked what would happen to the company if McMahon were to pass away, Kurt Angle joked that "[Vince] told me that he was going to live forever. I believe him."

You can listen to the full interview with Kurt Angle here. Leave your thoughts about the interview -- and Kurt Angle -- in the comments below.

Source: SEN Breakfast


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