Lucha Underground (9/14) Recap: Rey Mysterio Vs. Matanza Cueto, Johnny Mundo Teams With Taya, More

A video opens the show hyping tonight's episode and recapping Johnny Mundo's feud with Prince Puma and hyping Rey Mysterious versus Matanza.

Backstage Ricky Mandel's ID is being looked at by Worldwide Underground. Mandela says that he changed his last name to Mundo. Johnny declares Ricky a member of Worldwide Underground. Johnny says he's going to take Prince Puma to Slam Town.

Matt Striker and Vampiro check in on commentary. Melissa Santos introduces the first match. Worldwide Underground (Johnny Mundo, PJ Black, Jack Evans, Ricky Mundo & Taya) and Prince Puma, Cage, Fenix & Sexy Star makes their entrances.

Johnny Mundo says Ricky has to sit on the sidelines because he didn't ask him about changing his name. Johnny announces Marty "The Moth" Martinez as his replacement.

Atomicos Match:
Marty "The Moth" Martinez & Worldwide Underground (Johnny Mundo, PJ Black & Taya) vs. Prince Puma, Cage, Fenix & Sexy Star

Martinez starts off the match with Sexy Star. Star kicks Martinez. Star slaps Martinez several times. Martinez kicks Star. Star kicks Martinez. Black and Fenix are tagged in. They cross-body each other. Mundo is tagged in. Cage is tagged in. Mundo tags Taya in as Cage takes off the gauntlet. Taya dropkicks Cage from behind. Cage slams Taya to the mat. Both teams briefly brawl. Cage eventually clotheslines Taya. Cage hits a Stalled Suplex on Mundo. Crane comes out and steals the gauntlet. Cage goes after him. Puma eventually suplexes Mundo. Sexy Star hits a Dive to the outside on Taya. Fenix hits a Dive to the outside on Martinez. Mundo kicks Puma in the face after spring boarding from the second rope. Taya and Sexy Star fight in the crowd. Black kicks Puma as Mundo suplexes him. Mundo superkicks Puma before Black hits a DDT on him. Mundo goes to the top rope and hits his End of the World finisher on Puma. Mundo pins Puma for the win.

Winners: Marty "The Moth" Martinez & Worldwide Underground (Ricky Taya, Johnny Mundo & PJ Black)

Martinez approaches Melissa Santos after the match. Santos slaps Martinez. Fenix comes out and superkicks Martinez.

Crane brings the gauntlet to Catrina backstage. Mil Muertes attacks Crane. Cage attacks Catrina. Catrina drops the gauntlet. A brawl ensues as Catrina disappears. Dario Cueto grabs the gauntlet during the brawl.

El Dragon Azteca, Jr. and Pentagon Dark make their entrances.

For One Of The Seven Medallions:
El Dragon Azteca, Jr. vs. Pentagon Dark

Dark dropkicks Dragon. Dark chops Dragon before kicking his legs out from under him. Dark superkicks Dragon. Dragon eventually kicks Dark. The fight spills out of the ring. Dragon dropkicks Dark. Dragon goes to the top turnbuckle. Dragon hits a Corkscrew Moonsault to he outside on Dark. Dragon chops Dark before sending him into the ring post. Dark eventually kicks Dragon in the back. Dragon hits a head-scissors on Dark at ringside. Dragon sends Dark back into the ring. Dragon hits a cross-body on Dark. Dragon pins Dark for a two count. Dragon hits a leg drop on Dark. Dragon pins Dark for another two count. Dark dropkicks Dragon. Dark pins Dragon for a two count. They exchange chops. Dragon hits a Spinning DDT on Dark. Dragon pins Dark for another two count. Dark counters another DDT attempt and slams Dragon to the mat before pinning him for a two count. Dragon kicks Dark in the face. Dark prevents Dragon from diving off the top rope. Dark hits a Package Pile Driver on Dragon. Dark pins Dragon for a two count.

Winner: Pentagon Dark

Matanza Cueto comes out after the match to stop Pentagon Dark from attacking El Dragon. Pentagon leaves as Dario guides Matanza. Matanza attacks El Dragon. Rey Mysterio comes out to stop him. Medics check on El Dragon.

Rey Mysterio vs. Matanza Cueto

Mysterio strikes Matanza several times in the corner. Mysterio kicks Matanza several times. Mysterio hits a springboard head-scissors on Matanza. The fight spills to ringside. Matanza slams Mysterio on the apron. Matanza sends Mysterio into some fencing. Matanza rolls Mysterio back in to the ring. Matanza strikes Mysterio several times. Matanza hits a shoulder block on Mysterio. Mysterio eventually hits a Crucifix on Matanza. Mysterio pins Matanza for a two count. Matanza clotheslines Mysterio. Matanza sends Mysterio out of the ring. Matanza comes after him. Matanza strikes Mysterio. Matanza sends Mysterio into the announce table before rolling him back into the ring. Matanza sets Mysterio up in the top turnbuckle. Mysterio headbutts Matanza. Mysterio hits a Sunset-flip Powerbomb on Matanza from off the turnbuckle. Mysterio hits a Seated Senton on Matanza from off the top rope. Mysterio hits a Spinning DDT on Matanza. Matanza connects with a boot to the face of Mysterio. Matanza grabs a steel chair from under the ring. Mysterio ends up dropkicking the chair into the face of Matanza. Mysterio sets the chair up in the ropes. Mysterio dropkicks Matanza into the chair. Mysterio hits a 619 to the chair to the face of Matanza. Mysterio leaps off the top rope, Matanza throws the chair into him. Matanza slams Mysterio to the mat. Mysterio dodges an attack by Matanza. Matanza catches Mysterio as he attempts a moonsault. Matanza hits Wrath of Gods on Mysterio. Dario pushes Mysterio's leg off the bottom rope as Matanza pins him for the win.

Winner: Matanza Cueto

Matanza hits Wrath of Gods on Mysterio on a chair after the match. Matanza puts a chair around Mysterio's neck before sending him into the ring post. Matanza carries Mysterio out as the show comes to a close.


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