Lucha Underground (9/20) Recap: Melissa Santos In Action, Gift Of The Gods Title On The Line

A video opens the show hyping tonight's episode and recapping the feud between Fenix and Marty "The Moth" Martinez as well as how all of the medallions were won.

Matt Striker and Vampiro check in on commentary. Famous B is tonight's guest ring announcer. Dante Fox and Texano are introduced. Famous B wants Texano to join his agency.


Dante Fox vs. Texano

Fox attacks Texano from behind. Fox kicks Texano. Fox hits a Shooting Star Press on Texano. Texano eventually hits a back breaker on Fox. Fox hits a neckbreaker on Texano from off the turnbuckle. Fox eventually hits a crucifix on Texano with a pin for a two count. Texano hits another back breaker on Fox. Famous B announces Texano as the winner. Fox takes advantage of the confusion with a roll up on Texano. Fox pins Texano for the win.

Winner: Dante Fox

Dario Cueto comes out after the match. Dario makes a match between Texano and Famous B for next week with the stipulation that Texano must join Famous B's agency if he loses.

Son Of Havoc is in Dario's office. Havoc puts his medallion in the Gift of Gods belt. He says he will win the belt and be in the Ultimate Lucha main event. Pentagon Dark shows up. Dario wants them to wait for the main event. Pentagon wants to break everyone's arms in the ring tonight.


Marty "The Moth" Martinez & Mariposa and Melissa Santos & Fenix are introduced.

Marty "The Moth" Martinez & Mariposa vs. Melissa Santos & Fenix

Mariposa and Fenix start the match. They lock up. They exchange strikes. Mariposa hits a Scoop Slam on Fenix. Fenix eventually kicks Mariposa in the face. Martinez is tagged in. Fenix connects with a kick on Martinez. Fenix eventually hits a back-handspring into a Stunner on Martinez. Fenix kicks Martinez which sends Martinez to ringside. Fenix hits a Corkscrew Plancha to the outside on Martinez. Fenix strikes Mariposa on the apron. Santos tags herself in. Fenix tags Santos. Martinez attacks Fenix from behind in the corner of the ring. Martinez slams Fenix's head off the top turnbuckle. Mariposa is tagged in. Mariposa kicks Fenix several times. Mariposa slams Fenix to the mat. Martinez is tagged in. Fenix hits a superkick on Martinez. Fenix pushes Martinez into a kick from Santos before reviving a kick from Fenix as well. Santos goes to the top turnbuckle. Santos hits a Seated Senton on Martinez from off the top rope. Santos strikes Mariposa. Santos an Fenix both kick Martinez and Mariposa. Fenix eventually goes to the top turnbuckle, Mariposa knocks him off of it. Mariposa ties Fenix's hand to the bottom rope. Martinez eventually hits a Pedigree with an assist from Mariposa as Fenix is forced to watch. Martinez pins Santos for the win.


Winner: Mariposa & Marty "The Moth" Martinez

After the match, Martinez grabs a scissors. Fenix escapes from the rope and stops Martinez from cutting Melissa's hair.

The announcers hype Ultima Lucha Tres.

Mala Suerte, Saltador, Cortez Castro, Paul London, Son Of Havoc, Pentagon Dark and Drago are introduced.

Gift Of The Gods Championship Match:
Mala Suerte vs. Saltador vs. Cortez Castro vs. Paul London vs. Son Of Havoc vs. Pentagon Dark vs. Drago

Pentagon and Havoc clear the ring of their competitors and standoff. Saltador comes back in and sends Havoc out. Pentagon kicks Saltador in the face. Saltador eventually hits a hurricanrunna on Pentagon. After a lot of fact action, Havoc eventually elbows Drago in the face before sending him out of the ring. Pentagon connects with another kick to the face of Havoc. Suerte gets a two count after a crucifix pin attempt on Pentagon. Pentagon hits a modified Slam on Suerte before pinning him for a two count. Drago hits a neckbreaker on Pentagon. Castro hits a powerbomb on Drago before hitting a neckbreaker on him as well. Saltador hits a springboard leg drop on Castro before pinning him for a two count. Havoc kicks Saltador before going to the top turnbuckle. Havoc hits a double stomp from the top rope on Saltador before hitting a standing moonsault as well. Havoc pins Saltador for a two count. London hits a spin kick on Havoc before pinning him for a two count. Saltador eventually hits a Senton to the outside on several opponents. Drago hits a Corkscrew Plancha to the outside on several opponents. Havoc hits a Suicide Dive to the outside on Saltador. Havoc hits a Cutter in London. Pentagon dropkicks Havoc. Pentagon eventually hits a package piledriver on Saltador. Pentagon hits a package piledriver on London as Havoc hits a Shooting Star Press on Saltador. Havoc pins Saltador as Pentagon pins London at the same time for the finish.


Winners: Pentagon Dark and Son Of Havoc

Dario Cueto comes out after the match and announces a Ladder Match for Ultima Lucha Tres between Pentagon Dark and Son Of Havoc for the Gift of the Gods title.

Dario Cueto meets with someone in a limousine. The person states that they brought the gauntlet with them. Dario Cueto makes a Triple Threat for the gauntlet with Jeremiah Crane, Mil Muertes and Cage. Dario tells the person to take Cage out if he gets the gauntlet back.

Cortez Castro comes out and hits Ryan with Kendo Stick several times.

Cortez Castro confronts Dario Cueto in his office. Cueto books Castro in a match against Joey Ryan for next week.