Lucha Underground Recap (9/27): Ultima Lucha Tres - Part 1, Dante Fox Vs. Killshot Hell Of War Match

A video opens the show hyping tonight's episode and recapping what has happened between Texano and Famous B as well as Killshot and Dante Fox recently.

Matt Striker and Vampiro check in on commentary. Texano and Famous B are introduced in the ring. Famous B grabs a microphone and announces Dr. Wagner Jr. as his partner due to his injured arm. If Texano loses, he must sign with Famous B.

Texano vs. Famous B & Dr. Wagner Jr.

Wagner starts the match with Texano. Texano hits a backdrop on Wagner. Wagner kicks Texano. Wagner chops Texano. Texano hits a monkey flip on Wagner before clotheslining him out of the ring. Texano hits a Senton to the outside into Wagner. Texano rolls Wagner back into the ring. Famous B hits Texano from behind with his cast. Famous B attempts leaving through the crowd, Texano stops him and rips his cast off before slamming his arm into some railing. Texano slams Famous B at ringside. Wagner attacks Texano. The fight goes back into the ring. Wagner hits a Senton on Texano before pinning him for a two count. Beautiful Brenda is at ringside now. Wagner kicks Texano. Wagner rolls Texano up for a two count. Famous B tags in. Famous B kicks Texano several times. Texano clotheslines Famous B. Texano connects with an Insiguri on Famous B. Texano hits a Powerslam on Famous B. Wagner break me up a pin attempt by Texano. Texano kicks Wagner before hitting a sit-out powerbomb on him. The referee reminds Texano that Wagner is not the legal man. Beautiful Brenda gets up on the ring apron and distracts Texano with a kiss. Famous B rolls Texano up with his feet on the ropes for the three count.

Winners: Famous B & Dr. Wagner Jr.

A graphic is shown hyping the main event which will be a Hell Of War Match with the First Fall being First Blood, the Second Fall being No DQ, and the Third Fall being Medical Evac.

Killshot and Dante Fox make their entrances.

Hell Of War Match:
(First Fall – First Blood, Second Fall – No DQ, Third Fall – Medical Evac)
Dante Fox vs. Killshot

Killshot takes Fox down to the mat. Killshot strikes Fox several times. Fox rolls out of the ring. Killshot hits a dropkick to the outside through the ropes on Fox. Killshot grabs a Ladder and sets it up on the ring apron extending to the ringside fencing. Killshot grabs a steel chair. Fox dodges several chairshot attempts by Killshot. Fox grabs the chair and throws in the face of Killshot. Fox sets Killshot on the Ladder. Fox hits a moonsault on Killshot on the Ladder. Fox strikes Killshot several times. Killshot eventually strikes Fox before lifting him up and dropping him on the ring apron. Fox throws a steel chair at Killshot. Fox throws the chair in the ring before rolling Killshot back in as well. Fox sets the chair up in the turnbuckles. Killshot dropkicks Fox into the chair. Killshot punches Fox several times. Killshot goes to the apron and attempts to suplex Fox to the outside, Fox blocks it. Fox attempts a Sunset Flip on Killshot to the outside, Killshot blocks it. Killshot attempts a Leg Drop on the apron, Fox moves out of the way. Fox hits a Jumping Kick to the face of Killshot. Fox grabs two steel chairs. Fox sets one chair under the head of Killshot on the apron as well as another one on top of his head. Fox climbs up onto the ringside fencing. Fox hits a leg drop from off the fencing onto the chair on Killshot on the apron. Fox grabs a plate glass window from out of the janitor's closet. Fox makes the referee help him set the plate glass window onto two steel chairs at ringside. Fox sets Killshot up onto the ring apron. Killshot headbutts Fox. Fox hits an Insiguri on Killshot. Killshot hits an STO on Fox on the apron. They fight their way back up to the apron. They both jump to the top rope at the same time. Fox hits a Spanish Fly from off the top rope on Killshot. Fox brings the steel chairs and plate glass window into the ring and sets the plate glass up on the chairs again. Fox lifts Killshot onto the turnbuckle. Killshot strikes Fox. Killshot attempts a Tigerbomb, Fox reverses it. Fox hits a backdrop on Killshot from off the turnbuckle through the plate glass window. Killshot is bleeding from the back, Fox wins the First Fall.

Fox stomps Killshot. Fox sets a up a chair upside down in the corner. Fox grabs a Ladder and sets it up on the bottom rope in the corner. Fox sets Killshot up on the top turnbuckle. Fox hits another Spanish Fly on Killshot off the turnbuckle onto a steel chair. Fox pins Killshot for a two count. Fox sets Killshot up on the Ladder in the corner before ascending the turnbuckle. Fox hits a 450 Splash on Killshot on the Ladder. Fox pins Killshot for another two count. Fox connects with a boot to the face of Killshot. Killshot kicks Fox. Killshot hits a DDT on Fox before pinning him for a two count. Killshot pulls out a board of barbed wire and brings it into the ring. Killshot superkicks Fox. Killshot hits several running kicks on Fox. Killshot goes to the top rope and hits a double stomp on Fox. Killshot connects with a knee strike on Fox. Killshot powerbombs Fox through the barbed wire covered board in the corner. Killshot hits a Cradle Driver on Fox on broken glass. Killshot pins Fox to win the Second Fall.

They exchange strikes at the start of the Third Fall. The fight spills out of the ring. Fox kicks Killshot in the face. Killshot dropkicks Fox. Killshot pulls a gurney with him. Killshot slams Fox's head off the apron. Killshot hits a Fireman's Carry on Fox from off the turnbuckle onto the gurney at ringside. Killshot straps Fox to the gurney. Fox kicks Killshot and gets out of the straps on the gurney. Fox eventually goes back in the ring. Fox hits a Senton to the outside on Killshot. They fight their way up to where the band plays. Fox chokes Killshot with a guitar cord. Killshot grabs a beer bottle and breaks it over the head of Fox. Fox falls off the band staging through a glass structure set up underneath. Killshot puts Fox into the Medical Evac vehicle and shuts the door to win the Third Fall.

Winner: Killshot

The fans applaud Killshot as the show comes to a close.