Marty Scurll On Picking Vince McMahon's Brain, When He Found Out About Joining The Bullet Club, More

Marty Scurll spoke with Channel Guide Magazine on a number of wrestling topics. Here are some of the highlights:

When he found out he'd be joining the Bullet Club:

"I only knew a few weeks out. It was a natural fit with myself just about to debut for New Japan, and I had been spending a lot of time with the Young Bucks, who are two of my best friends in the business. I was nervous, but I also love new challenges. My mindset was how can I add to this group? How can I make it better? Rather than what can it do for me. I loved the angle we did for it. That was all down to myself, the Bucks and Kenny. We came up with it all. I wish every PPV we do could end on an amazing cliffhanger. We made Bullet Club the number one trend in the world for a short period. That's bad ass. That's what every PPV should aim to do."

If he went to WWE and if WWE would do his persona justice:

"Right now, I love what I'm doing. I want to conquer ROH and New Japan. I want to continue to push the boundaries and break the mold of what a wrestler without the machine behind them can do. There's a group of us like minded in that sense, the Bucks, Kenny, Cody, Page etc. In terms of 'The Villain' and WWE, I'm pretty sure if they saw opportunity in me to make money, I'm sure they'd let me have a lot of creative freedom. But who knows if they do. I do see a lot of Villain shirts on their programming though. I would love to pick the brain of Vince McMahon. 'The Villain' and the 'Evil Genius' discussing the business over a steak dinner sounds divine."

His pro wrestling influences:

"I love Roddy Piper. Terry Funk, Brian Pillman. Those guys made you believe. They were dangerous. Unpredictable. Some of my biggest influences."

You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Source: Channel Guide Magazine


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