Matt Hardy's Extreme Gym (Photos), Trish Stratus Thinks NXT Star Looks Like Her, New WWE Collections

- Above is a look at the upcoming September Collections on the WWE Network. The group includes: Edge: You Think You Know Me, Batista Unleashed, Undertaker: Dawn of The Deadman, The New Day: Feel the Positive, Sting: The Icon Defined, and Trish and Lita: Evolutionary.

- While at a NXT Live Event in Rochester, New York, Mandy Rose and Vanessa Borne took a photo together backstage, but fans noticed Mandy was looking very much like WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus. A fan on Twitter showed Trish the photo and Trish responded that she thought it was her in the picture at first. Mandy replied saying Trish was her inspiration and another individual posted a photo of the two Superstars together.

- Matt Hardy gave fans another "Matt Fact" about how how his daily ritual begins at home in his personal gym. As you can see, the gym has an "extreme" vibe to it with the neon green and purple everything, along with personalized logos on each of the dumbbells.


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