Mojo Rawley On Which SmackDown Star Is Like A Sister To Him, Zack Ryder's Actions On SmackDown

As seen on this week's SmackDown Live, it looks like there's a bit of dissension amongst The Hype Bros. After losing a match to Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable, Zack Ryder refused a post-match handshake and turned his back on his partner Mojo Rawley.

During the WWE's trip to Dubai, Rawley stopped by Dispatch with Sergio Jordann to comment on the state of The Hype Bros. Though Rawley said he was disappointed in his partner, it doesn't seem like they will split up any time soon.

"As far as Zack goes, it wasn't the most sportsman thing I've ever seen, walking away and turning your back on a competitor who's offering a friendly hand," Rawley said. "At the same time, this business is tough, you got a lot of people depending on you and you got a lot of pressure on you. These losses, when they mount up it's hard to keep your cool. Sometimes you lose your cool, you lose your focus and moments like that happen. Not making excuses for him, obviously I would've rather he had not done that. But at the same day, it's a little bit of frustration, it happens. Leave it out there, move on, forget about it and just keep it moving."

Rawley said both he and Ryder's ultimate goal is to one day win the WWE Championship, but they have plans on winning the tag team championship first. He also commented on his close friendship with Charlotte, who he described as a "sister."

"Charlotte and I started like the same day, so we came in together, we were trained together, she's like a sister to me," Rawley said. "We have shows on SmackDown Saturday through Tuesday every week and we have long drives in between, so you partner up with friends in the car. Charlotte and I did a week together a week or two ago and we just had a blast catching up... She's great, she cracks me up, she's so funny, her and I are so much alike. Sometimes it's difficult with our work schedules to really get that free time outside of the ring and travel. But for us, having those long car rides together, that's hanging out. Sometimes that's the only free time we get, so we make the most of it."

You can listen to the whole interview by clicking here.

Giant Gonzolo contributed to this article.


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