Nikki Bella On Daniel Bryan Wrestling Again, When She'll Be Returning To WWE, Brie Training, More

After Nikki Bella signed on to join the cast of Dancing With The Stars, many have wondered if she will ever make a return to the WWE. In an interview with Inside The Ropes over SummerSlam weekend, Bella said she has every intention of wrestling again and she hopes her sister Brie will return with her.


"Definitely coming back, and I want to come back when I have my sister by my side," she said. "It's been I think over two years since the Bella Twins have been in the ring together, so I definitely want to make a comeback with Brie."

Bella had to take time off from wrestling last year due to neck surgery. She re-aggravated the injury the last time she returned and she hasn't wrestled since WrestleMania 33. In addition to DWTS, Bella has double-duty as the star of Total Bellas and Total Divas, so she will be keeping busy while she waits for her neck to heal.

"I'm obviously still waiting for my neck to heal, so I'm hoping 2018 is gonna be the time that we come back," she said. "I hope before then, but I don't know if that can happen."


Bella said that when she returns it will most likely be on a part-time schedule.

"Unfortunately because of my neck, my surgeon doesn't even want me to come back and ever be in the ring again," Bella said. "But he definitely said I can't ever be full-time again, and we kind of saw that when I came back last SummerSlam and I went full-time into WrestleMania and I ended up getting injured partially two weeks before that. It's very tough on my body having a full-time schedule, unfortunately."

Bella also commented on the possible return of Daniel Bryan, who's married to her sister Brie. Bryan has expressed a strong desire to wrestle again, and Bella said she hopes to see him back in the ring because she knows it would make him happy.

"The one thing that I've realized about Bryan because I've spent so much time with him, is that he eats, breathes, lives wrestling," Bella said. "He's been training with Brie in the ring because Brie really wants to make a return, and seeing him he's an amazing coach, but in his heart he wants to compete. He wants to be in the ring."