Nikki Bella On The John Cena - Roman Reigns Promo On Last Week's RAW, Misconceptions About Cena

The infamous promo between Roman Reigns and John Cena on Monday Night Raw still has the wrestling world buzzing over a week later, and Cena's fiancee Nikki Bella is the latest to offer he opinion on it. Speaking to Mirror, Bella said she enjoyed the exchange and had nothing but praise for Cena.

"I absolutely loved it. I even have chills right now thinking about it," she said. "One, I think John is absolutely the best talent there has ever been on the mic. I don't think anyone comes close to him."

The promo dug deep for both superstars, with Cena pointing out Reigns' lack of a connection with the WWE universe and Reigns questioning Cena's commitment to the company. Bella admitted that it can be hard for her to hear Cena be reduced to a part-timer because she knows how much he loves wrestling.

"Sometimes it's hard for me because as his fiancé, it's hard for me not to get upset when I hear stuff about John," she said. "I see John all the time behind the scenes and I know his love for wrestling, I know his love for the fans and his love for the talent. ... So when I hear certain things about him, whether it's online or it's someone in an interview, it's hard not to get upset, because it couldn't be further from the truth."

You can read Bella's full comments as well as her thoughts on her return to the WWE, motherhood and more by clicking here.

Source: Mirror


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