Mae Young Classic Participant, Piper Niven, spoke with Metro on a number of wrestling topics. Here are some of the highlights:

Showing her true personality on the Mae Young Classic:

"Yeah I think so, because a bigger woman, we can be depicted in such a way in wrestling that if you're bigger you've got to be grumpy and wear dark colors. Being a bigger woman in wrestling is almost a negative. So for me it's important to come out and be bright and bubbly so that young kids can know that being bigger is not a bad thing, and it's good that they can have someone to relate to and someone who can show them that just being different is not bad."

Thinking she missed out on the Mae Young Classic:

"I was part of the World of Sport revival they were doing with ITV, and when that was all coming about I'd heard rumors that there was going to be a women's tournament in WWE and that it was going to feature a lot of girls from the independent scene. Nobody had any idea when it would be, so I went ahead with World of Sport. Not too long after that, I heard about the Mae Young Classic and I thought I'd missed my chance. I was devastated after World of Sport didn't happen at that time because I wasn't getting to do that, and I also thought I'd missed my chance to be part of the Mae Young Classic. It was a real low, but luckily WWE got in touch and asked if I'd interested in doing it. That was delightful when that happened."

Wanting to wrestle Aja Kong:

"When I was growing up and beginning to understand wrestling, she was one of the people I thought would be an honor to wrestle. Now I'm older, I'd really love to wrestle her, and it'd be a big tick off my wishlist. If it's going to be anywhere in the UK, I'd want it to be at Pro Wrestling Eve."

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Source: Metro