Rob Van Dam On His Recent Talks With WWE And A Possible Return To The Promotion

Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated recently interviewed Rob Van Dam, who will be appearing at Sunday's fundraiser benefiting victims of Hurricane Harvey at Lucky Strike Hollywood in Los Angeles, which is organized by Booker T. Below are a couple of highlights:

Recent talks with WWE:

"I've talked to WWE recently, but it's about the new video games that are coming out. That was more of a business talk about that, but when the business is right and it's the right time to go back, that, of course, is then always a possibility."

Sunday's event:

"Booker T is among the closest of my friends, so I'm looking forward to seeing him, and it's going to be a fun event. It's a great cause, and it's going to be a real good chance to give back."

Source: Sports Illustrated


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