WrestlingINC.com owner Raj Giri recently interviewed Robbie E of Global Force Wrestling. The full interview will be available on WrestlingINC.com very soon.

Not long ago, it was hard to imagine stars from TNA jumping ship to the WWE. Now, former TNA stars like AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and Bobby Roode are in the top tier of the WWE roster. Robbie believes the foundation they built while competing in TNA has led to their success in the WWE.

“It’s not only three awesome wrestlers because they are so talented, it’s also cool because there was a time when everyone said that if you were in TNA you would be there for life and that there is no where else to go, but it shows that there is,” he said. “This goes to show how awesome Jeff Jarrett is because he helped brand them. Believe me, Jeff helped them develop their platform on Spike TV at the time and become such bigger stars it’s awesome and am so happy for them. All three are great guys. When I first started on the road with TNA, me and Bobby Roode travelled everywhere together so I learned so much from him. I’m super happy for him.”

Even though he’s happy with his current status in GFW, Robbie didn’t rule out the possibility of working with WWE in the future.

“It’s Pro Wrestling, anything can happen,” he said. “I may end up fighting (Conor) McGregor. Maybe my wife will give me permission to go on the Bachelor just because I like the show so much.”

A recent father of twins, Robbie E is doing a “Dad Bod” feature with Muscle & Fitness, with a social media post every Monday at 10:30am.

“When I did Amazing Race, it was the first time I had connected with Muscle & Fitness. They had actually done an article about me on how I trained for the Race and how I worked on my endurance, and stayed fit during the filming; since then we hit it off on the person who interviewed me so every few months they will reach out to me or I will reach out to them, just kind of like, hey, any new happenings going on in your life?” Robbie explained. “So, when they recently contacted me I had my baby twins and they asked me how my fitness was going and how my lifestyle has changed since having them, I said to them, no, no matter what I go to the gym. They came up with the idea of why I don’t do weekly videos and how I can still stay fit and not have a ‘Dad Bod.'”

You can check out the latest “Dad Bod” feature below: