ROH Death Before Dishonor XV Results: New Champions, Cody Rhodes Defends Title, Last Man Standing

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- Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana welcome us to the show and run through some of tonight's matches includ KUSHIDA vs. Kenny King and Cody vs. Minoru Suzuki.

The Kingdom (TK O'Ryan, Vinny Marseglia, Matt Taven) vs. Bully Ray and The Briscoes (Winner gets a shot at the ROH World 6-Man Championship later tonight)

Mark Briscoe and Vinny Marseglia gets things started shoulder tackle by Mark, dropping Marseglia who just laughs at him. Some redneck kung-fu already with palm strikes to the chest as Jay tags, hits a dropkick and punches the rest of The Kingdom off the apron. O'Ryan tags in does some taunting, but gets dropped by Mark, pin, two-count. O'Ryan spits towards Bully Ray who gets a quick tag in and goes right at him with punches and chops. Huge chop to the chest, crowd wants one more and Bully obliges. O'Ryan is yelling in agony, Bully goes for a third chop, but misses.

Chaos breaks out with all six-wrestlers fighting all over the outside of the ring. Mark drops the elbow to the floor, Taven with a front flip. O'Ryan teases a moonsault (last time he did that he broke his leg) but instead yells at the crowd. Jay with a suicide dive on all three Kingdom members. Finally, we get Bully jumping off the top rope to all three Kingdom members. Back in the ring, The Kingdom trip up Mark and split the uprights against the ring post. Kingdom working together well with quick tags as they continue to slow down Mark. Finally able to get an opening, Mark tags in Bully who begins dropping all of The Kingdom with punches. Jay tags himself in, ends up getting shoved backwards into Bully, knocking him to the floor. Kingdom going nuts with move after move as Mark's partners are pretty much out of the match at this moment.

Marseglia goes for a senton, Jay gets his knees up and is able to tag Mark back into the match. Marseglia mistakenly hits Taven, Bully with a Bully Bomb on Marseglia. Death Valley Driver on O'Ryan, Bully Ray gets O'Ryan on his shoulders and Mark hits the Doomsday Device, pin, 1-2-3.

Winners: The Briscoes and Bully Ray via Pinfall

- Post-match, Jay doesn't seem so happy that he wasn't involved in the ending and doesn't celebrate, but instead grabs a chair. Jay ends up throwing the chair in O'Ryan's face.

- Kenny Omega to be at all four ROH War of the World events in Chicago on October 12-15.

- We see The Young Bucks, Marty Scurll, and Cody looking for "Hangman" Adam Page. Matt Jackson asks everyone to help them find Page as they've put "Missing" flyers on the chairs of the live crowd.

Chuckie T vs. Marty Scurll

Chuckie T with some early offensive, which he's very, very proud of up. Sends Scurll to the outside, goes for a dive, misses, Scurll throws him into the barricade. Scurll taunts the crowd a bit, teases hitting Chuckie with a chair before getting him back in the ring. Scurll locks in a straight jacket submission, Chuckie ends up to the floor, Scurll fakes him with a superkick, stomps on his fingers. Brainbuster by Scurll who stomps the fingers yet again. Scurll locks in the crossface chickenwing, but Chuckie is able to get to the ropes.

Scurll with a slap to the face as he taunts the crowd, despite them continuing to cheer him on. A charging Scurll gets sent into the corner via a release german suplex. Chuckie with a punches, chops, falcon arrow, pin, two. Chuckie goes up top, jumps down, kicks a charging Scurll, climbs up again, moonsault, misses. Scurll with a superkick, running dropkick, sending Chuckie T to the floor, instantly goes for a tornado DDT. Scurll sends him immediately back into the ring, powerbomb only gets a two.

Chuckie goes to the top, Scurll kicks him down and snaps Chuckie's fingers. Superplex by Scurll, but Chuckie locks his legs for a pin, nope. Chuckie T with an Awful Waffle from the corner, pin, two! For whatever reason, Chuckie directs the action towards the crowd. Action back in the ring, Scurll starting to get annoyed and shoves the ref, ref shoves back and he gets rolled up by Chuckie T, two! Scurll finally locks in another crossface chickenwing in the center of the ring and gets the tap out.

Winner: Marty Scurll via Submission

Jay White vs. Punishment Martinez (Street Fight)

Martinez is out first, but White sneaks in with a chairshot and suicide dive to the outside. Suplex on the ramp to flatten Martinez, who makes his way into the ring. White pull a garbage can out from under the ring and swings upward to clock Martinez as he reached down to grab his opponent. White grabs another chair, but spinning kick shoves that chair right back in his face. Martinez ends up on the floor, White goes for a dive over the top rope and gets smacked in the head with a garbage can lid. White gets bodyslammed on a garbage can before getting tossed back into the ring. Springboard twisting senton by Martinez, goes for a pin, only two.

Chair gets setup by Martinez, he runs towards the corner, leaps, and White throws the chair at him in mid-air. White with a german suplex, locks the hold for a second, but not three. Martinez grabs the chair, but a flatliner sends him face first into it. Multiple chairshots to the back by White, followed up with a german suplex on the chair, pin two. Goes for the Kiwi Crusher, but it gets countered into a Falcon Arrow. Martinez locks two chairs into the corner, tries to slam White into them, but he instead gets snap suplexed into them. Martinez is on his knees and asks for a trash can lid, White goes for chops instead. Martinez doesn't seemed bother by the chops as White then uses the lid sucessfully. Martinez with a dive over the top rope all the way to the floor, landing at a somewhat scary angle. White is back up with a chair and smack Martinez, who is now stuck on the top rope. Judo throw by White from the top, pin, two!

Kiwi Crusher hits, but Martinez is able to kick out! Cabana says that's the first time anyone has kicked out of that move. White goes out and tosses in multiple chairs and stands four chairs together and puts two on top. Martinez with a lowblow and hits a huge powerbomb on the chairs, White landed hard, ouch. Psycho Driver on the chairs, pin, and somehow White kicks out! What?! Martinez can't believe it and goes outside to grab a bag of thumbtacks. Martinez goes for a chokeslam, White collapses, tries to pick up a chair, gets slapped in the face and then chokeslammed on the thumbtacks. Pin for the win!

Winner: Punishment Martinez via Pinfall

The Young Bucks and "Hangman" Adam Page (c) vs. Bully Ray and The Briscoes (ROH World 6-Man Tag Team Championship)

Bully Ray ray checks on Jay before the match gets going. The Young Bucks head out still wondering where Page is as the crowd chants "Where Page?" It looks like it could be a 3-on-2 match if Page isn't going to show up. Suddenly, Page does show up with his hands and mouth tapped. The bell rings and he's able to drop both Briscoes. Hangman with an insane moonsault to the floor with his hands still tied and he lands on his damn feet! The Young Bucks free their partner and hug as the crowd chants "welcome back!" Page starts off with Mark, action is fast and furious as Page lands a nice float over clothesline. Bully takes on both Young Bucks and initially gets the best of them, but double superkicks send him out of the ring.

Hangman clears out Mark on the outside. Matt Jackson picks Bully Ray up on his shoulders! Nick is up top, but Bully clears out Nick and then a mid-air cutter by Bully sends Nick away. Mark does the "Wazzup?!" elbow drop between Matt's legs. Bully calls for the table. Jay goes to set it up and ends up throwing it right into Bully Ray's face, basically knocking him out. Page jumps in and gets the 1-2-3! Mark is in complete disbelief as he stares at his brother.

Winners: The Young Bucks and Adam Page via Pinfall to retain the ROH World 6-Man Tag Titles

- Post-match, Jay says to his brother they are the best tag team on the planet, not with Bully Ray. Jay bounces as Mark checks on Bully, who is still out in the ring.

- Kenny King talks about his time working in reality TV and how he's ready to show everyone what he can do in the biggest match of his career.

KUSHIDA (c) vs. Kenny King (ROH World TV Championship)

KUSHIDA goes to work with some great mat wrestling, frustrating King enough to head to the outside. He gets some support from his daughter in the crowd and hops back into the ring. King gets the best this time around, KUSHIDA heads to the outside and goes to his Mother at ringside and raises her hand. KUSHIDA gets caught up on King's shoulder, chin checker, submission, KUSHIDA able to crawl to the outside. King follows and ends up getting slammed into the barricade right in front of his daughter. KUSHIDA gives her a bow and she gives one back, commentary chuckles that she must appreciate good wrestling as her Dad gets beat up in front of her.

KUSHIDA sets a chair up in front of King, gets a running start and big dropkick sending King into the barricade again. Action back to the ring, KUSHIDA locks in a modified cattle mutilation, King able to get to the ropes though. KUSHIDA continues to work on King's shoulder as the crowd is somewhat split in this match, despite King being the hometown wrestler. KUSHIDA with some nasty strikes, big kick gets caught, spinning kick by King to slow down his opponent. Knees in the corner, bridged suplex by King for only a two-count. KUSHIDA reverses a fireman's carry position right into an armbar. King able to roll and go for a pin, two, picks KUSHIDA up and powerbombs him. King to the outside, KUSHIDA leaps off the apron, is caught, but hits a hurricanrana sending King into the ring post. KUSHIDA up to the top rope and nails a senton to the floor!

Back in the ring, rolling DDT right into a hoverboard lock, but King was right near the ropes for a quick break. Multiple finisher reversals lead to a hoverboard lock on King in the middle of the ring. King won't quit and suplexes out of it. KUSHIDA set up on the top rope, gets slapped, but he locks in a hoverboard lock again and drives King down to the mat. KUSHIDA locks the hoverboard lock in yet again and King continues to fight out, he's right near the ropes, rolls back to the center of the ring and gets away. Huge strikes back and forth, spinebuster by King and both wrestlers are down. Back and forth punches, KUSHIDA up in an electric chair position, goes for hurricanrana, it's blocked. King hits the Royal Flush and we have a new champion!

Winner: Kenny King via Pinfall to win the ROH World Television Championship

- Post-match, he celebrates with his daughter in the ring. KUSHIDA claps and shakes King's hand.

Silas Young vs. Jay Lethal (Last Man Standing Match)

Initially, it seemed like it would be a straight up match, but Young headed to the outside to look for weapons, things broke down further from there. Lethal tears away the padding on the floor and nails a side Russian leg sweep. While Young is down, Lethal grabs a table and sets it up on the outside. As Lethal heads back, he gets suplexed on the apron. Young takes Ring Announcer Bobby Cruise's belt and tries to use it, but Lethal takes him down before Young can do so. Lethal snatches up the belt and slaps Young on the back and chest over and over, marks almost instantly showing up on Young's back and chest.

Out from the back is Beer City Bruiser (with a bad knee and a keg in hand), Lethal initially keeps him down, but Bruiser is able to drop him. Young sets a table up on the outside and Bruiser heads to the top rope, but is going really slow because of his leg. Frog splash, Lethal moves and he eats table! On the other side of the ring (where the other table is setup) Lethal does a modified cutter through the table on Young. They both make their way back into the ring, beating up each other up. Finally, both notice the belt in the ring and make a run for it. Lethal's hand gets kicked away and Silas returns the favor, smacking Lethal with the belt over and over. Young with a back breaker/clothesline combo. Young grabs a chair and hammers his opponent a few times, demanding the ref start his count. This was the latest count of the match at six.

Lethal tries to tape Young to the bottom rope, but Young gets it untied. Young kicks Lethal into referee Todd Sinclair (bumping heads) and Lethal is now busted opened. Young hits Misery and the referee starts counting again. Young with his own Lethal Injection, but Lethal is able to get up before the ten count. Lethal Injection on Young, he gets up as well. While Young is out of it, Lethal sets a ladder up on the floor and a table too. He puts Young on the table and heads up to the top. Young is able to get up and tie a zip tie on Lethal's hand to the ladder. Both wrestlers punch back and forth until the ladder tips over and both go crashing through a table. Both men struggle to get up, but Young is able to answer the call at about nine and a half to just barely win the match. Crowd boos the result.

Winner: Silas Young

- The Motor City Machine Guns talk about their history in ROH and how close they've come to capturing the titles.

The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) (c) vs. The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin) (ROH World Tag Team Championship)

Matt and Alex kick things off, some mind games early on, Alex kisses Matt's forehead, Matt spits his gum at Alex. Double team moves on Nick, Matt jumps in, inverted atomic drop on Nick, moves come fast and furious, 4-way dropkick for the pop. Young Bucks are very much over in this one, not surprisingly there's tons of Bullet Club merchandise out in the crowd. Nick and Matt with multiple double team moves on Shelley, swinging neckbreaker over Nick's knee. Nick gets sent to the outside, "Oh God, help me!" Shelley pops him in the face with a big kick from the apron.

Double dives over the top rope by the Machine Guns, but the crowd continues to cheer on the Bucks. Machine Guns running on all cylinders until Nick hits a flurry of kicks, hits a bulldog-clothesline on both of his opponents. Matt slides in the ring, dumps Shelley out, wheelbarrow into an inverted spanish fly. Matt jumps outside and hits a superkick to put Shelley down. Matt caught in an electric position, gets dropkicked but flips out of it and lands on his feet! Double sharpshooters and they "too sweet" each other while doing it.

All four spill to the outside, Shelley with a superkick of his own and hits a sliced bread #2 off the ring post! Crowd is loving the action. Sabin clears Nick out momentarily, Matt gets pinned, but Nick with a senton off the top rope to break things up. Crazy sitout powerbomb/sliced bread #2 combo by the Machine Guns. Superkick party! Oh, down goes the ref! Sabin with a big clothesline. Out from the crowd is Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian and they go to work on Shelley and Sabin. Ref is still out, chair in the ring, Shelley able to superkick Kazarian down. The Young Bucks back in with double sharpshooters. Now Daniels and Kazarian beat up the Young Bucks! Commentary is saying they wanted to ruin the match and they are doing just that.

The Young Bucks and Machine Guns team up with double Indy Takers on the floor to clear out Daniels and Kazarian. Now, back to the match, superkicks by the Bucks. More Bang For Your Buck is countered, Matt is released suplexed from the top rope and is driven to the mat by both Shelley and Sabin. Pin, 1-2-3!

Winners: Motor City Machine Guns via Pinfall to win the ROH World Tag Team Championship

Cody (c) vs. Minoru Suzuki (ROH World Championship)

Cody tries to get Suzuki to kiss his "Ring of Honor" and Suzuki bites his hand instead, sending Cody to the outside in a rage. Cody keeps bailing to the outside as Suzuki taunts him from the ring, laying on his back and kicking his feet at the champion. Cody decides to flip off some of the fans before finally getting back into the ring.

Big kick by Suzuki and Cody yet again heads out to talk with his wife, Brandi Rhodes. Suzuki moves to the apron and goes for a head kick, but Cody holds Brandi in front of him causing Suzuki to stop. Cody then takes advantage and is able to go to work on the challenger. Cody tries to chop Suzuki, but it has little impact. He stomps away in the ring, goes for a pin, Suzuki kicks out at one and laughs at the attempt. He then locks in an armbar over the top rope and the referee gets to four before he breaks it. Chops and a big kick in the corner on Cody. Armbar in the middle of the ring, Cody gets to the ropes, but the challenger holds on until the ref gets to the three this time around.

Cody gets Suzuki down and decides to do a few "Yes!" taunts a la Daniel Bryan. Suzuki goes back to a number of submissions, locks in a sleeper hold (both standing and in the middle of the ring). Gotch-style piledriver attempt, Cody blocks, Suzuki with punches and chops. Cody hits beatiful disaster and stuns his opponent. Suzuki tries to lock in another sleeper, Cody reverses it and Cody hits a sloppy looking Cross Rhodes to pickup the sudden win.

Winner: Cody via Pinfall to retain the ROH World Championship

- Post-match, Cody puts on the Ring of Honor and makes Suzuki kiss it. He celebrates on the floor with Brandi and heads to the back while Suzuki pops one of the ROH staff workers at ringside. He then looks to Cary Silkin for a moment, eventually heading to the back.


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