ROH TV Recap: Bully Ray In Action, Jay Lethal Vs. Beer City Bruiser, Bullet Club

A video package is shown recapping the feud between Jay Lethal and Silas Young involving Beer City Bruiser. Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana check in on commentary after the usual ROH signature video package.

Jay Lethal and Beer City Bruiser fight their way down the entrance way to start the show.

No Disqualification Match:
Jay Lethal vs. Beer City Bruiser

Bruiser drives his hip into Lethal at ringside. Lethal sends Bruiser into the ringside barrier. Bruiser strikes Lethal. Lethal dodges a Cannonball attempt by Bruiser, sending Bruiser into the ringside barrier again. Lethal flips onto Bruiser. Security is blocking the entrance way to prevent Silas Young from interfering. They fight their way onto the apron. Lethal eventually dropkicks Bruiser off the apron. Lethal hits a Suicide Dive to the outside on Bruiser. Lethal monkey flips Bruiser at ringside. Bruiser chokes Lethal with an XLR cable at ringside. Silas Young appears at the entranceway as we head into a commercial break.

Lethal holds up a steel chair as we return from the commercial break. Lethal attempts a chair shot to the head of Bruiser, who is laid on a keg. Bruiser dodges it, Lethal strikes the keg. Bruiser drives the chair into Lethal's ribs. Bruiser connects with a chair shot to the back of Lethal. Silas Young is briefly on commentary. Silas Young wants to go down to the ring, security prevents it from happening. In the ring, Bruiser drives the steel chair into the midsection of Lethal before setting the chair up in the corner. Silas Young returns to commentary. Bruiser and Lethal exchange strikes. Bruiser hits a snapmare after an eye poke on Lethal. Bruiser dropkicks Lethal. Bruiser grabs some tape and attempts to tape Lethal's hand to the bottom rope. Lethal strikes Bruiser several times. Lethal takes his belt off and wraps it around his hand before striking Bruiser with it several times in the corner. Lethal hits an Insiguri on Bruiser. Lethal eventually sends Bruiser into the steel chair that was set up in the corner. Security prevents Silas Young from getting down to the ring again as we head into another commercial break.

Lethal goes to the top turnbuckle as we return from the commercial break. Bruiser rolls out of the way of an elbow drop attempt from Lethal from off the top rope. They exchange strikes. Lethal hits his Lethal Injection finisher. Lethal tapes Bruiser's hand to the bottom rope. Lethal grabs the keg. Lethal drives the keg into the knee of Bruiser. Lethal grabs a steel chair. Lethal drives the chair into the knee of Bruiser. Lethal locks in the Figure Four on Bruiser. Bruiser taps out.

Winner: Jay Lethal

Lethal briefly locks the Figure Four in on Bruiser after the match. Lethal wants to fight Silas Young. Security separates them.

A video package is shown of Minoru Suzuki before a promo from ROH World Champion Cody hyping his upcoming match with Suzuki.

A video is shown of Will Ferrara and Cheeseburger fighting at an autograph signing.

A replay is shown of The Addiction (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian) interfering in last week's main event.

Caprice Coleman interviews The Addiction (Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian). Kazarian declares war on respect. Coleman talks about not getting the set he wants. Daniels talks about being betrayed by ROH fans.

Will Ferrara makes his entrance. Howie Timberche is introduced in the ring.

Will Ferrara vs. Howie Timberche

Ferrara slams Timberche in the face. Timberche throws Ferrara into the corner before striking him several times. Timberche clotheslines Ferrara. Timberche hits an Inverted Atomic Drop on Ferrara. Timberche hits a Scoop Slam on Ferrara before hitting a running elbow drop as well. Timberche pins Ferrara for a two count. Timberche dropkicks Ferrara. Ferrara rolls out of the ring, Timberche goes after him. Timberche strikes Ferrara. Ferrara pulls Timberche into the ring post. Ferrara gets back in the ring. Ferrara hits a Suicide Dive into a Tornado DDT to the outside on Timberche. They both end up in the ring. Ferrara headbutts Timberche. Timberche strikes Ferrara several times. Timberche connects with a Spinning Elbow on Ferrara before hitting a Sidewalk Slam as well. Timberche sets Ferrara up in a tree-of-woe position in the corner. Timberche hits a back-handspring into an elbow on Ferrara in the corner. Timberche pins Ferrara for a two count. Ferrara hits an undetected low blow on Timberche. Ferrara hits a Tornado DDT from the second rope on Timberche. Ferrara pins Timberche for the win.

Winner: Will Ferrara

Cheeseburger comes to the stage after the match. Cheeseburger challenges Ferrara to a match next week. Ferrara accepts the challenge.

Jay Briscoe cuts a promo about not getting cleared to compete tonight.

Mark Briscoe, Bully Ray, Adam Page and ROH World Champion Cody make their entrance.

Bullet Club (Adam Page & Cody) vs. Mark Briscoe & Bully Ray

Cody and Mark start the match. Mark strikes Cody several times. Codycsends Mark into the corner. Mark chops Cody. Cody rolls out of the ring. Mark dropkicks Cody through the ropes. Mark hits a blockbuster from off the apron on Adam Page at ringside. Mark rolls Cody back into the ting. Mark pins Cody for a one count. Mark hits a Side Russian Leg Sweep on Cody. Mark pins Cody for a two count. Page pulls Mark's leg, preventing him from suplexing Cody. Page flips into the ring and clotheslines Mark. Page strikes Mark several times. Page strikes Ray on the apron. Page goes back to his corner. Page is tagged in. Page chops Mark. Page strikes Mark. Cody is eventually tagged back in. Cody stomps Mark several times. Page is tagged back in. Page stomps Mark as we head into a commercial break.

Mark hits a springboard forearm on Page as we return from the commercial break. Mark hits a German Suplex on Page. Ray is tagged in, as is Cody. Ray hits a pair of clotheslines on Cody before hitting a hip toss as well. Page runs towards Ray, Ray hits a backdrop on him. Ray hits a double clothesline on Cody and Page. Ray sends Page into Cody in the corner. Ray splashes both of his opponents in the corner. Ray connects with a big boot on Page. Cody strikes Ray several times. Ray connects with an elbow strike on Cody. Mark is tagged back in. Mark goes to the second rope as Ray holds Cody for a Wassup Elbow Strike. Marty Scurll comes out. Jay Briscoe comes out as well and attacks Scurll. Jay strikes Scurll several times at ringside. Mark strikes Page several times in the corner as Jay pulls a table out from under the ring. Ray takes the back of Cody at ringside. Page superkicks Mark in the ring as Scurll and Jay fight into the crowd. Ray gets Page up as Mark is on the top turnbuckle. Ray and Mark hit the Doomsday Device on Page. Ray sets Page on a table at ringside. Cody sends Ray into the ring post. Mark is back in the ring. Cody gets back in the ring. Mark hits a Fisherman Buster on Cody. Mark pins Cody for a two count. Cody rolls out of the ring. Mark goes to the top turnbuckle. TK O'Ryan comes out and knocks Mark off the top rope with a baseball bat. Cody hits Cross Rhodes on Mark. Cody pins Mark for the win.

Winners: Bullet Club (Adam Page & Cody)

The Kingdom (TK O'Ryan, Matt Taven & Vinny Marseglia) enter the ring after the match. O'Ryan strikes Ray with the baseball bat before choking Mark with it. Jay comes back to the ring. The Kingdom hits Rockstar Supernova on Jay. The Kingdom stands tall to end the show.


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