Ronda Rousey On How The 'Four Horsewomen' Name Was Created And What's Next For Her

Ronda Rousey has been present for the Mae Young Classic to support her good friend and "stablemate" Shayna Baszler, who lost in the finals Tuesday night to Kairi Sane. After the match, Rousey spoke to ESPN about Baszler's performance and how the famed "Four Horsewomen" formed.

Along with Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir, Rousey and Baszler dubbed themselves the "Four Horsewomen" as a way to pay homage to the legendary Four Horsemen. They even received a blessing from Ric Flair to use the name. Rousey revealed to ESPN that it actually wasn't them who came up with the name, but rather the fans who bestowed it upon them.

"We were all sitting on the couch and some fans were asking for the picture, to recreate the iconic Four Horsemen picture," Rousey explained. "We were like, 'What do we have around the house? We got two belts, we got a medal, we got a machete. We can do this!' We didn't know at that moment that it would turn into something. It wasn't something we named ourselves, it was a name the fans gave to us and we're very grateful for it."

Rousey has been relatively outside of the public eye since her loss to Amanda Nunes in December at UFC 207. When asked what's next for her, Rousey preferred to keep the spotlight on her friend.

"I don't want to come to Shayna's event on Shayna's night and sit here talk about myself," she said. "I want to keep tonight all about her. Go Shayna Baszler!"

To watch the full video of Rousey's interview, click here.

Source: ESPN


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