Sicne her appearance at WrestleMania 31 in 2015, it has long-been believed that Ronda Rousey will eventually work her way into the WWE. Now that she has multiple connections to the WWE it seems like Rousey is getting closer and closer to throwing her hat in the ring, starting with a tour of the place where she would learn and hone her pro-wrestling skills.

Rousey has been in attendance for the Mae Young Classic to watch her friend and "Four Horsewomen" stablemate Shayna Baszler, who lost in the finals Tuesday night to Kairi Sane. In addition, Rousey's best friend and fellow "Four Horsewomen" member Marina Shafir is Roderick Strong's fiancee and the mother of his child, so they invited Rousey down to get a real look at the famed WWE Performance Center.

"They took us for our first little tour through the Performance Center," Rousey told ESPN. "As someone who's been in a couple Olympics and trained at the Olympic training centers, I really believe that the way the WWE Performance Center caters to their specific athletes is superior to the U.S. training center, for sure. With the facilities they have, the individual attention all the athletes have, and how everything is so close and made to be as convenient as possible, I couldn't have been more impressed. It's not a surprise that they've had so much success in cultivating their own talent."

The Performance Center has been responsible for developing the majority of talent in NXT and stars who are now making names for themselves on the main roster.

Rousey, a known wrestling fan whose "Rowdy" nickname is an homage to Roddy Piper, also discussed what she loves about professional wrestling.

"I think the suspension of disbelief is my favorite part," she said. "People take it for what it is and enjoy it because they love it. It's a lot more simple joy than you'd get in a lot of other places."

Source: ESPN