Ryback On How Roman Reigns Is Backstage, How Reigns Differs From John Cena, Talks With GFW, XMas RAW

Recently on Conversation With The Big Guy, former WWE Superstar Ryback shared his thoughts on current WWE Superstar Roman Reigns, whether a live WWE broadcast on Christmas Day is a mistake, and GFW's rumored financial woes.

According to Ryback, he loves Roman Reigns, as 'The Big Dog' is a humble person who can work.  

"I love Roman Reigns," Ryback admitted. "I think most of the guys there [in WWE do as well]. I think it's a whole different dynamic than [the situation with John] Cena. I think more guys [like Reigns]. He works really hard, but he's always very humble. He is very [respectful] and he never walks around backstage with an 'I'm better than you' attitude. So, to me, not to say that John does that or anything. It's just that Roman comes off different. I don't know if it's from being raised in the business and whatnot. But I've worked with him very closely over the years, especially early on, so and the guy can go and he's super talented, so I'm happy for all of his success."

In Ryback's opinion, WWE should not be live over Christmas because the WWE schedule is "the hardest lifestyle".

"It is the hardest lifestyle. It's not like any other sport or any other thing because there's no offseason."

Ryback averred that going live on X-Mas is a financial decision in light of WWE stock underperforming this year. 'The Big Guy' expressed his sympathy for WWE talent facing the prospect of being on the road over the holiday.

"Whether it was USA [Network]'s idea or Vince [McMahon]'s idea, who knows whose idea it was? But they're looking at it as a way to make money and the problem with that is you're dealing with human lives." Ryback added, "we have all these other days of the year we could run. We could do two tapings the week before. I just feel bad for the guys because they have no choice. No one can say anything there. I guarantee you not one of them wants to be there."

On the subject of GFW, Ryback divulged that he talked to Jeff Jarrett a month ago and hopes the company can catch a break at some point.

"I just spoke with Jeff on the phone maybe a month ago and just kind of just a friendly conversation." Ryback continued, "I wish they could catch a break. It's just one thing after the other, but I think that through negatives sometimes and whether Jeff comes back, and I would assume he does, whoever's in control right now, has to do their thing."

Moreover, Ryback professed that McMahon is at his best with some external competition.  

"It's more places to work. It's more opportunities for guys and I just think this is really their chance to put the pedal to the metal and go for it. And I want them to succeed. I want them to succeed more than anybody for [pro] wrestling in general because I think that makes WWE, put them on their toes and I think that makes Vince at his best and we've all seen it. Just that competitive environment instead of creating competition from within, when you have that outside threat."

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Source: Conversation With The Big Guy


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