On episode 54 of Conversation With The Big Guy, former WWE Superstar Ryback shared his thoughts on Sexy Star allegedly attempting to break Rosemary’s arm. Also, Ryback talked about his brief run using an MMA-style ground and pound in his offensive arsenal.

On the subject of Sexy Star supposedly trying to break Rosemary’s arm, Ryback joked that Sexy Star’s future opponents will not have to worry about the Lucha Underground performer shooting on them because she cannot be very good if she could not even break ‘The Demon Assassin”s arm. 

“f–k, she must not’ve been very good at the hold if she couldn’t break [Rosemary’s arm] if that’s a real thing.” Ryback said, “the good news in all of this is that she doesn’t know how to break your f–king arm, so you don’t really have to worry about [it]! You might just be in a little pain, but no true damage is going to be done by the end of it, so that might be her only saving grace, is ‘look, guys, Sexy Star likes to shoot – she’s not good though.’ That might just be? Sexy Star, you’re welcome. I just saved you some bookings. ‘Look, guys, she’s going to try to f–king hurt you out there, but don’t worry.’ Yeah, [the resulting injury will only be a sprain].”

Despite having very public differences with John Cena and CM Punk, Ryback claimed that shooting on them would never have been an option.

“I don’t know if they have an issue. If there is, you typically wait to go to the back to take care of that if that’s the case. That’s like if you told me, again, this is just that, ‘look, you’ve got to go out there and wrestle CM Punk or John Cena tomorrow.’ Like, in my head, I’m not going out there and f–king? you can’t, you just don’t, as a wrestler, coming in and learning everything I did coming in, it’s not even an option. You don’t do that when you have another human being’s life in your hands.”

Ryback continued, “you don’t do that right then and there no matter what. You just don’t because the whole thing with [pro] wrestling is trust when you’re in there and that’s the only thing wrestlers have with each other when they’re in there no matter what because you’re giving your body up in different positions at different times for the sake of the match.”

Ryback suggested that the incident is a black-eye on the professional wrestling industry and that he hopes “for her sake she didn’t do it because that’s really bad.”

“You think the guys are bad, guys, women will always make things worse.” Ryback opined, “I mean, honestly, I don’t give a s–t, but it’s whatever. Like, it doesn’t belong in [pro] wrestling and that, so it doesn’t look good on all accounts.”

Also during the podcast, Ryback shared that he used ground and pound and it started to gain some momentum, but WWE told him to stop. 

“I had actually a little run with the ground and pound right before I? actually, it was doing fairly well. There [were] a couple of shows that? so now ‘Ryback invented ground and pound’ is the new thing. Yep, assholes, I did. I dare you to find someone who does it better than me. And then, they, crowds were getting with it, and then they told me to stop.” Ryback added, “when I switched to the trunks, I had a little run with the ground and pound. Check it out on YouTube.”

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